Contexta360 Addresses Contact Centre Transformation Needs

Contexta360 Expands Augmentation and Automation Offering to Address Contact Centre Transformation Needs

Contexta360, a leading provider of AI-powered speech analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its augmentation and automation offering to meet the growing demands of organisations within their business transformation journeys. This strategic move comes in response to the challenges faced by businesses with stalled or failing transformation projects, aiming to help propel their projects while increasing revenue, reducing operational costs, and enhancing customer experience (CX), compliance, and customer trust.

Contexta360’s suite of SNAP-IN modules for Revenue, Cost, CX and Trust, is designed to seamlessly integrate with businesses’ existing contact centre infrastructure, offering a simple plug-and-play solution for deeper business analytics. This innovation not only saves time and money but also safeguards a company’s reputation by enhancing its ability to deliver exceptional service and meet regulatory requirements.

The Contexta360 SNAP-INS have already proven their value across numerous user cases and offer a wide range of features, including real-time summarisation, real-time automation, closed-loop workforce management (WFM), automated quality management (QM), and literally hundreds of others. These SNAP-INS empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Andrew White, CEO at Contexta360, commenting on this expansion, said,

“We understand that many organisations face challenges when trying to transform their contact centres. Our goal is to provide them with practical solutions that leverage their existing infrastructure and empower them to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

With our extensive SNAP-INS offering, we are confident that we can help businesses achieve their transformation goals while saving time and money.”

Key Benefits of Contexta360’s SNAP-IN Modules:

Real-Time Summarisation. Enables contact centre agents to access real-time, concise summaries of customer interactions, improving efficiency and accuracy in responses. Real-Time Automation. Automates routine tasks, allowing agents to focus on more complex customer interactions, ultimately boosting productivity. Closed-Loop Workforce Management (WFM). Optimises staffing levels and scheduling to ensure that contact centres operate efficiently and meet service level objectives. Automated Quality Management (QM).  Enhances the monitoring and evaluation of customer interactions, ensuring compliance and delivering a consistent customer experience.

Operational Cost Savings. Reduces operational costs by improving workforce efficiency and automating manual processes. Enhanced CX provides agents with the tools and insights they need to deliver outstanding service. Compliance and Trust.  Helps businesses meet regulatory requirements, safeguard customer data, and build trust with customers.

Contexta360 invites organisations looking to transform their contact centres to explore their expanded SNAP-INS offering and discover how these modules can revolutionise their operations.

Contexta360 is a leading provider of AI-powered speech analytics solutions designed to help organisations extract actionable insights from customer interactions.

Their SNAP-INS modules empower businesses to optimise operations, improve customer experience, and meet compliance requirements while leveraging their existing contact centre infrastructure.



Contexta360, an advanced automation and analytics platform, revolutionises the interaction between customers and organisations across various channels including human-to-human, human-to-machine, voice, video, chat, email, and app. Our AI-powered automated conversational analytics and real-time agent and conversational assistants optimise every interaction.

Flexible and scalable, Contexta360 is an easy-to-use, open, and secure SAAS solution. Our adaptable “infrastructure agnostic” platform drives unparalleled accuracy, performance, and value from incumbent systems such as Genesis, Avaya, Mitel, 8X8, NEC, AWS-Connect, and many others.

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