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adacus.image.,jan.2016Tenant Portal enables tenants to submit a wide range of service requests online 24/7/365

Adactus Housing Group is implementing the 360 Tenant Portal from 1st Touch. The new system provide an impressive online resource, enabling easy self-service access to a broad range of customer services for tenants. The software will improve on the group’s existing online services, augmenting the group’s award-winning incoming call centre and extensive customer care facilities.

Adactus Housing Group is a Registered Social Landlord managing over 13,000 properties across the North West of England with the majority located in Manchester, Chorley and Wigan. The Group, which currently has a turnover in excess of £59m, is comprised of three subsidiaries: Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association and Chorley Community Housing.

With the 360 Tenant Portal from 1st Touch, Adactus tenants will be able to use their own devices, 24/7/365 to review details of their tenancy and submit online requests for a wide range of services. By directing this traffic online, the significant time and resources saved will enable call centre staff to spend more time on those with the greatest need.

Initially, the new portal will offer two new services to Adactus’ customers. Firstly the system will enable customers to book an appointment online to view a property that’s ready to let. The second new service feature will be the ability to book repair appointments online. Uniquely, this will be done by specifying particular trades such as plumbers or electricians, at the time of making the enquiry. Tenants will also be able to receive alerts, review rent account balances, view statements, track their current repairs and review repairs history to date.

All portal activity is recorded in the back-office Aareon Housing Management system used by the Group. This provides the Adactus management team with a clear single management view of key data and KPIs across the enterprise. The smart analytics available from this data will support the Group’s decision making for both the business and the tenants.

1st Touch was chosen as the 360 Tenant Portal has the breadth of functionality to help Adactus deliver on its comprehensive and evolving customer care strategy. The system was also chosen as there was an existing integration with Aareon. Adactus also has in-depth knowledge of 1st Touch, having invested successfully in their mobile Responsive Repairs system some years previously.

suzannah.adactus.image.jan.2016Suzannah Robinson, Digital Projects Manager at Adactus Group believes the new 360 Tenant Portal will deliver significant benefits for customers. She notes,

“Our contact centre does an excellent job, and we want to complement this with a highly effective online offering that would handle many of the most routine enquiries and transactions. By reducing the number of calls our operatives deal with, they can spend more time and give an even greater level of service to those tenants with the greatest need. With its Aareon integration, the 360 Tenant Portal also allows us to drill down into the data to get live information. Over time, this will enable us to tailor our services further to match our customers’ requirements.”

“We are just at the beginning of this journey though and the prospects for what the portal can deliver in customer terms over time is exciting. As a result, we are already considering other areas where 1st Touch could help us in the future.”

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