Nearly Half of Consumers Expect 24/7 Customer Service Support

Vonage Research Reveals Nearly Half of Consumers Expect 24/7 Customer Service Support, Nearly Three Quarters Will Switch Businesses Following a Subpar Experience.

Data highlights ways AI brings 24/7 immediacy, with automation and personalisation, for continuous engagement across diverse communications channels

Vonage has released its Global Customer Engagement Report 2024. The 12th annual report outlines data and insights into customer communications preferences with friends, family and businesses, highlighting emerging trends that emphasise the need for business to augment these interactions with artificial intelligence (AI) to give customers more control over how they interact with organisations.

AI’s Role to Reduce Frustration and Deliver Great CX

UK data revealed that when communicating with friends and family, Brits favour messaging/ non-SMS apps (61%), mobile phone calls (60%) and social media posts (60%). However, these methods are not duplicated when it comes to communicating with businesses, with only 20% using messaging/ non-SMS apps, 21% communicating via mobile phone calls, and 18% using social media posts.

This suggests that, because businesses aren’t offering customers their preferred methods of communication they are left unsatisfied and frustrated with the interaction. In fact, less than half (40%) of UK customers indicated that they are “very satisfied” when communicating with businesses, compared with almost 60% satisfaction rates when asked about methods of communicating with friends and family.

Globally, consumers cited multiple frustrations such as

– long wait times to speak to an agent (63%)

– no way to speak to customer service via voice/phone (59%)

– lack of 24/7 support availability (48%) and

– lack of self-service support (46%).

The report found that, alarmingly, nearly three-quarters (74%) of customers are likely to take their business elsewhere as a result of poor experiences, and for nearly half (46%), just one or two negative encounters are enough to prompt their departure.

These findings underscore opportunities to leverage AI. With tools like AI-based virtual assistants, businesses are equipped to communicate with customers via their preferred platform and provide quick resolution, reduce frustrations and ultimately provide a more targeted and personalised experience for the user, including the ability to:

–  Triage urgent customer inquiries

–  Provide smarter self-service at scale

– Deliver smart IVR (interactive voice response) and skills-based routing to connect customers with an agent best suited to handle their query, preventing and mitigating a bad customer experience

Report findings demonstrate that consumers are embracing AI to make their experiences better. In fact, responses show a likelihood that chatbot and video chat usage will more than double within the next year, with 10% using chatbots today and 23% expected usage in the next six to 12 months. Additionally, 13% indicate they’re using video chat today, with 26% expected usage in the next six to 12 months.

Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer at Vonage, commenting on the report findings,  highlights the significance of these results in shaping customer experience (CX):

“This data underscores that, to differentiate on customer engagement, businesses need an omnichannel communications strategy that allows customers to contact them seamlessly across their preferred channels. Those that do will also benefit from the ability to leverage the powerful capabilities of AI across communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, and chat, enabling them to augment  live customer support. This goes a long way to ensuring personal and real-time customer engagement at every touchpoint.”

Metrigy CEO Robin Gareiss, says,

“Metrigy’s upcoming AI for Business Success study shows significant growth for AI-enabled technologies, with 38% of CX leaders saying 2024 will be their turning point for acceptance of AI in CX, up from 17% in 2023,”

“Companies that adopt and integrate AI and automation into their CX processes have documented compelling success metrics, with improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as agent efficiency. Companies not using AI on an omnichannel environment are already at a competitive disadvantage, so it’s imperative to establish a targeted AI strategy now.”

Positive CX Creates Loyal Brand Ambassadors

With 56% of consumers indicating they are likely to offer positive survey feedback after a great experience with a business and 55% noting they would share their experience with friends and family, it’s clear that great experiences create valuable brand ambassadors. Even better, more than half (52%) of customers report heightened brand loyalty following such an encounter, and more than a third (36%) go as far as purchasing additional products.

Added Corso, “This report emphasises that businesses that leverage AI across communications channels have the ability to facilitate the kind of meaningful, intelligent conversations that strengthen loyalty, build long lasting customer relationships and ultimately boost sales.”

The Global Customer Engagement survey included more than 7,000 participants across 17 global markets. Conducted in October 2023, the survey explored the varied channels customers use for communicating with friends, family, and businesses – including voice, messaging apps, email, social media, chat, and more – and the immense value of delivering excellent customer service.



Read the full Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024 for more insights Click Here

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