Akixi Introduces Charting and Polycom VVX Integration

Polycom VVX 600Akixi Introduces Charting and Polycom VVX Integration

Akixi Exceeds 1600 Deployed Sites and Introduces Charting and Polycom VVX Integration – Akixi have announced that they have now exceeded 1600 deployed sites globally.

They can now provide two new cutting edge features that we have introduced to our service: Charting and Polycom VVX Integration.

With customisable charts and real time capability now available across all report styles within the 1000 and the 2000, utilising this new feature provides consistent comparable statistics. There are multiple types of charts that are available these include pie, doughnut, line, area, radar, column and bar charts. Charts are also available in 2D, 3D and stacked format.

The Akixi 1000 and 2000 reporting can now be integrated with Polycom VVX handsets which can display the Akixi Desktop Wallboard and other reports on the handset’s display. Both ACD and DND statistics can be displayed on the VVX phones on 2000 reporting.

Additional Information

Established in 2008, Akixi offers advanced Cloud-Based Call Management, Call Centre Reporting Services available today and provide easy and cost effective services with over 200 sets of historical and real-time report statistics, dials, graphs and wallboards.

Akixi Lite offers a basic call logging service that includes historical call reports. It offers scheduled reports, cradle to grave reporting, trend analysis by multiple intervals such as half an hour, per day, per week or per month. Akixi 1000 acts as a business dashboard that helps you manage your telephony resources and usage cost effectively. Comprehensive real time analytics allow you to scrutinise and analyse your customers, supplier contacts and staff historically in Real Time.Wallboard Included. Akixi 2000 Delivers the complete contact centre tool allowing you to successfully manage your staff, campaigns and resources effectively. This is the perfect tool to help deliver outstanding customer service.Wallboard Included.

For additional information visit the Akixi Website or view their Company Profile

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