Clarabridge Announces Record Sales and Customer Momentum

Clarabridge Announces Record Q3 FY2019 Sales and Customer Momentum

Rapid Growth Continues with Strong Demand for CX Contact Centre Solution, Growing Sales in Excess of 140% Year over Year

Clarabridge, Inc., the leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for the world’s top brands, has announced a record-breaking quarter of growth. During its third quarter, the company saw more than 140 percent growth in sales of its CX contact centre solution and more than doubled total new and expansion sales of its award- winning CEM Platform.

The Clarabridge CX Contact Centre solution allows companies to mine conversations for insights and analyze the information exchanged during verbal interactions. It does this through a combination of advanced speech-to-text processing and AI-powered text analytics and is used to identify insights that can significantly lower costs, improve performance and reduce risk. Clarabridge addresses a number of common use cases across industries such as compliance and digital experience for financial institutions and patient and provider experience for healthcare companies.

In addition to improving contact centre operations, the Clarabridge solution pinpoints information that originates in the contact centre but has major implications for revenue optimization, customer journey mapping and customer satisfaction. This information is relevant for teams across an organization, underlining the platform’s ability to impact the broader area of customer experience from enhancing product quality and streamlining business processes to delivering world-class digital transformations and impacting operations.

Clarabridge CEO Mark Bishof said,

“An urgent need in the market for conversation analytics has been fuelling our growth for the past year,”

“Customers are seeing the value of processing 100 percent of their calls and realizing the treasure trove of insights that has been buried in those calls for years. By unlocking these insights, they are gaining a real competitive advantage.”

Currently, more than 35 of the world’s leading financial institutions, healthcare providers, airlines, consumer goods and telecommunications companies are using the Clarabridge CX contact centre solution. Over the course of this year alone, Clarabridge has processed over 1.2 petabytes of voice data. That’s roughly the equivalent of 100 times the amount of printed material in the US Library of Congress.

Additional Information

Clarabridge helps the world’s leading brands take a data-driven, customer-focused approach to everything they do. Using AI-powered text and speech analytics, the Clarabridge experience management platform enables brands to extract actionable insights from every customer interaction in order to grow sales, ensure compliance and increase operational efficiencies.

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