Why don’t contact centres sing off the same hymn sheet?

EditorRegular readers to this humble Website will know that the company car was involved in an accident recently when a Dunkirk residing Driver took a fancy to the car’s four circles and proceeded to drive into them.

The phrase of ‘you know how good an insurance company is when you need to claim‘ came to mind.

Back in Blighty my long suffering PA kicked into her normal efficient and much envied working mode and reported the unfortunate incident to our Insurance company the name of which we aren’t at liberty to divulge due to, if nothing else, their Legal Department is larger than that of ours (assuming of course that we have indeed a Legal Department…) but the company in question can apparently provide insurance cover very swiftly.

After seeing the emailed images of the damaged vehicle they immediately gave verbal confirmation that indeed the vehicle should be destined for the great car park in the sky; thanks to the success of 147 Media (did I tell you that we won a Government Digital Company of the Year Award 2014?!) we went straight to the nearest Vorsprung der Technik dealership and purchased a suitable replacement albeit with a few more bells and whistles or ‘Optional Extras’ as the shiny suited Salesperson refered to them as.

The next day my PA telephoned the aforementioned insurance company (well nearly mentioned) to update them of the purchase only to be advised that the car was being repatriated to Blighty, being inspected by a vehicle Engineer and, based upon his expert opinion, could be either repaired or scrapped. Great the potential of having ‘His and Hers’ Company cars in the Car Park…”

Whilst waiting patiently in a queue to speak to the Claims Handler my thoughts went away from the claim but focussed on seemingly diverse matters such as,

  • How many Agents do they employ over how many sites?
  • What headsets do they use?
  • What WFM software do they use?
  • How do they record customer interactions?
  • Is the Claims Department linked seamlessly to Sales/Renewals/Customer Service?

(Have I been in the contact centre industry too long?)

My point to this potentially long running saga is when a Customer calls a contact centre what they want what they really really want is for the Agent to have the most up to date information applicable to the caller readily to hand (or screen) so they can provide this information efficiently and speedily.

This website has many suppliers of products and services who can easily make a ‘call centre become a contact centre’ or could it be that I just so happen to have an insurance company who haven’t invested in readily available contact centre technology?

Why don’t contact centres ‘bite the bullet’ and invest in technology especially as productivity and efficiency will be greatly increased and all with a relatively short ROI?

Those contact centres who fall within this category please refer to our Supplier Directory!

Have a great weekend ahead.


The Editor

Ps to those of you looking for a German Engineered soft top ready for summer posing we may have one for sale shortly!

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