contact centre are about the people employed within

A successful contact centre is all about the people employed within – Publishing companies are no different which goes for 147 Media Ltd.

EditorOver the past few weeks you could say that our humble publishing company has pulled out all the stops; Staff have been working weekends, into the early hours of the morning fuelled only by takeaways pizzas, a never ending supply of industrial strength coffee and Radio 2.

Why you may ask?

As someone who loves his gadgets (love the Jabra Solemate) technology has moved on so much that our website has been left behind – having gone from Microsoft FrontPage in the early days – progressed to Adobe Dreamweaver – now we have moved to WordPress!

The migration isn’t just a case of clicking on a button it’s a case of looking at news pages and placing them into specific categories after the obligatory cut ‘n paste has been completed – It’s true to say that after the first 1,000 pages you don’t exactly read the editorial its just a case of gong into robot mode!

Pre-Launch we consulted a few selected clients for their reaction and without exception all views were very encouraging (so much they were reproduced in an email and circulated to staff to keep up morale!) – Notably from Tracy McAvoy, Marketing Manager, Business Systems (UK) Ltd who emailed,

“The new site looks great – I really like the ‘now trending’ feature, very slick and professional and built with engagement in mind with the ability to comment on articles. It’s crisp, clean and functional”

Praise indeed! – We sincerely hope that you ill find the new look, redesigned website a valuable tool for you and your contact centre.

Not wishing to sound like an Oscar Award Winner my sincere thanks go to the boys and girls at 147 Media Ltd – The Boys and Girls at BigWetFish, our Contributors, Sponsors and valued Clients.

Please excuse me whilst I go and have a long lie down in a darkened room for the next week – Yeah like that’s going to happen!

Enjoy your weekend


The Editor
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