Accident Advice Helpline Spells Out Workplace Hazards

Accident Advice Helpline Spells Out Workplace Hazards – Since 1974 employers in the UK have had a strict obligation towards the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. But despite over 40-years of protection under the Health & Safety at Work Act, far too many workers are still suffering injury and even death during their hours of employment.

The Accident And Injuries At Workplace infographic produced by Accident Advice Helpline makes stark reading. During 2013-14 over 900,000 days were lost through injury, while 1.2 workers suffered workplace illness and 133 died while carrying out their duties.

Of the almost 77,600 injuries reported during the period over half were caused by slips, trips and falls or handling, lifting and carrying accidents.

While the personal toll for workers was high, the injury at work figures also put huge pressures on industry. Injuries saw 12,877 employees off work each week on average. Break down those figures and every worker in the country took 7.5 days off work throughout the period because of injury. And the loss to British industry throughout 2013-14 was a staggering £14.2bn.

The pain and suffering and loss to industry through workplace injury and illness is spread nationwide with workers affected across a range of industries from Scotland down to the South West of England.

Accident Advice Helpline are a law firm whose business is to help people involved in accidents through no fault of their own win 100% no-win, no-fee* compensation. They are also using its Accident And Injuries At Workplace infographic to give employees advice about how to avoid illness and injury, or what to do should they suffer such misfortune during their working hours.

The workplace, from construction to agriculture to waste and recycling or wherever people are employed can be very dangerous. Despite the Health and Safety Act of 1974 it remains hazardous. Accident And Injuries At Workplace not only spells out those dangers but explains what people should do if the worst happens to them while at work.



For additional information see the Accident Advice Helpline Website

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