– Advertising – eShots offers a comprehensive but yet affordable way to promote your company’s products or services direct to the subscribers of

Our database has been compiled since the launch of the website back in 2001 and as at December 2018 we have 12,423 subscribers all of whom are in contact centre management and all of whom are UK based.

The e-shot can be designed and proofed by (if required)

The first eShot is normally despatched Tuesday and subsequently re-sent Thursday to subscribers who, for example, haven’t actioned the first eshot such as opening.

Experience has proved that the first eShot, although read and remembered, is not necessarily actioned upon – the second eShot is remembered, as they received it before, and actioned.

We strictly limit the number of eShots sent out per week to ONE – the exception being our weekly newsletter sent out every Friday, thus ensuring maximum impact and lead generation.

The eShots are competitively costed at £799 + VAT per eshot which is sent out twice.

To find out more about eShots simply telephone 0207 993 6325 or use the contact form below – We’ll love to hear from you!

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* Effective 1st January 2019