Teleopti Empowers WFM Software with Artificial Intelligence

Teleopti, a global leader in workforce management (WFM) solutions, today launched the first of many functionalities within its Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative, which focuses on enhancing the capabilities of core WFM software.

With this release, Teleopti infuses WFM scheduling with AI techniques where the intelligent software automatically learns from the customer, improving the longer it is used and making decisions unique to each customer’s situation.

Many exciting AI initiatives are happening in the contact center industry, and with Teleopti’s 100% focus on Workforce Management it pioneers the introduction of AI into core WFM practices.

Teleopti’s initiative and connected release sees it at the forefront of advancing scheduling processes with AI, improving the efficiency and accuracy of shift categorization, and offering the tangible benefits of machine learning for users. Understanding that every company is different, Teleopti has developed AI functionality that automatically learns from customer data, creating and setting shift categories specifically for each contact center, and even each business unit within the contact centre.

The AI functionality launched uses a type of machine learning called dynamic decision trees to intelligently determine shift categories and sets within Teleopti WFM’s rescheduling functionality. Automating shift categorization reduces the manual work for resource planners and improves the accuracy of historical data meaning more exact shift overviews which drives better compliance and regulations and a fairer working situation for agents. Equally, enhancing scheduling processes with machine learning nurtures a cleaner user experience with the AI making automatic categorization decisions behind the scenes.

Magnus Geverts, Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti said,

“The WFM industry must go beyond talking about AI as a ‘future’ game changer and instead see how it can be used in real-life instances and have an actual impact on WFM planning.

Innovation is at the core of Teleopti so it is natural for us to be testing and challenging how machine learning can speed up WFM processes and provide even more value and efficiency to the contact centre.”

Teleopti’s AI initiative is supported by its long-term experience of building intelligent WFM solutions where algorithms are built to improve over time, producing better results the longer they are in place. Such intelligence has so far come with advanced statistical methods, for example, in forecasting functionality, but now with machine learning. Teleopti is driving the solution to continually adapt and respond to different customer needs.

Robin Karlsson, Technical Lead, Teleopti said,

“Requiring only one month of historical data for training, Teleopti WFM utilizes AI to learn each customer’s individual shift categorization and accurately assist resource planners in ensuring correct information is stored.

We look forward to infusing Teleopti WFM with other AI techniques such as neural networks where it adds value for our end users,”

From now on, anyone using Teleopti WFM will be working with an AI-infused WFM solution. This is just the first step, with many more AI features soon to be incorporated. Teleopti’s AI launch will also advance the R&D team’s approach to WFM development, as these possibilities are now available to all developers as an example of how they can build AI into their software development. Overall, Teleopti is creating an approach to WFM that embraces AI, highlighting machine learning as a core way to develop the best WFM functionality.

Additional Information

Teleopti, is a global provider of workforce management (WFM) software, offering a WFM solution that is sophisticated, localised and easy to use. As the largest “best-of-breed” vendor, Teleopti focuses on helping contact centres, back offices and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability – through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling.

Teleopti provides everything necessary to effectively manage staff, forecast demand, create schedules automatically, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1992, Swedish-established Teleopti has customers in over 80 countries, numerous offices around the world – from Beijing to São Paolo – and a comprehensive global network of partners. With a record of continuous net profitability for over 20 years and with high customer satisfaction ratings, Teleopti serves as a reliable partner.

For additional information on Teleopti visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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