Teleopti Reimagines WFM with Grant the Chatbot

Teleopti Reimagines Workforce Management with Launch of Grant the Chatbot

Developed with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Teleopti’s WFM chatbot, Grant, is the next recruit for intraday automation and enhanced employee self-service within the contact centre enviroment

Teleopti have launched Grant, the workforce management (WFM) chatbot, developed to help companies revolutionize their intraday automation with AI-optimized employee self-service.  Teleopti’s bot assistant leverages Microsoft Azure Bot Service to deliver a more agile, efficient process for internal communication and customer service staffing. Driving intraday operations with AI technology allows companies to improve every aspect of their customer service organization from their business processes to how their employees work.

Meet Grant

Teleopti’s incorporation of chatbot technology into WFM processes offers a next step for many companies looking to evolve both their intraday operations and employee empowerment. Available to Teleopti Azure cloud customers, Grant is an organization’s own WFM concierge, handling all processes related to schedule requests. Grant analyzes current staffing alongside employees’ unique skills and schedules to provide chat notifications when voluntary time off is available.  If additional support is needed, Grant will soon be able to provide notifications when overtime hours are on offer. Infused with natural language processing, staff can chat with Grant and let him know if they wish to accept the schedule options. Grant then automatically submits the schedule request for them.

Olle Düring, CEO at Teleopti commented,

“Employee engagement has always been at the core of our development focus, but it isn’t a static, one-size-fits-all matter, which is why we are constantly innovating around how to push the boundaries of WFM and employee-engagement functionality,”

Recruiting Grant as a WFM assistant helps not just frontline employees to achieve a better work-life balance with more freedom in their schedule, but it also means management and the WFM team can achieve flexible intraday planning. Staffing can be adjusted to meet incoming demand without exhaustive manual monitoring, all while lowering HR costs. The organisations’ overall customer experience is also enhanced as Grant helps the company meet customers in the right place, at the right time, with skilled people who feel empowered in their working day.

Olle Düring continues, “New technological opportunities, such as chatbots, offer clear benefits for automating customer communication. With our 100% focus on WFM we’re taking these innovations into workforce management.  Developing WFM embedded with machine learning and bot technology helps our customers improve their planning and operations, as well as create more empowering self-service for their teams.”

Built with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Following workshops and bi-weekly check-in sessions with Microsoft’s AI Services team, Teleopti’s R&D team built Grant using Microsoft Cognitive Services. Azure Bot Framework was a natural fit with its acceleration of intelligent bot creation, ability to scale on demand and integration of Teleopti’s cloud WFM solution with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s LUIS Language Understanding has also been crucial as the machine-learning based service enables Teleopti to build natural language chat  conversations between Grant and the employee.

Eric Boyd, corporate vice president, Azure AI, Microsoft, said,

“We’re excited to see Teleopti using Microsoft Azure to transform their business with AI,”

“By infusing their apps with Azure Cognitive Services, Teleopti has built an intelligent Workforce Management chatbot that can interact with employees in a natural way, helping drive better workforce management and stronger employee engagement.”

Grant’s Growth & Competence Development

Mattias Engblom, CTO at Teleopti concludes,

“Like all new recruits, we are excited for Grant’s development and growth. The joy of AI is that Grant’s conversations will continue to become more complex as he learns from his chats with employees.”

“Just like all our iterative development processes, we will also listen to the input from customers to develop the areas where they have the greatest need for Grant’s assistance.”

Additional Information

Get to know Grant by Clicking Here

Teleopti helps organizations empower their employees to provide outstanding customer service through our cloud-first workforce management (WFM) software. We are a global team of innovators and experts focusing 100% on WFM, enabling companies with user-friendly automation and optimization of omnichannel forecasting, scheduling, and people management. Teleopti WFM supports companies’ profitability by elevating operational efficiency, employee engagement, and customer experience. Since the start in 1992 we have grown our customer community to 100 countries, collaborating with partners worldwide, and today Teleopti WFM plans and empowers over 500,000 employees.

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