social-customer-service.imageWe launched our Twitter account, @contactcentres, back in August 2014 as an additional medium in which to promote and distribute our news content.

In line with our Company Policy of advising our sponsors, advertisers and readers of the performance of our website we detail what we have been doing on social media below.


MonthTweetsImpressionsProfile visitsMentionsNew followers
Oct 201811853.4k73321546
Nov 2018134
Dec 2018128
Jan 201997
Feb 201910539.9k75029630
March 201912429.9k52419738
April 201916429.9k52423438
May 201917733.6k69624389
June 201920139.5k85625691
July 201935842.5k102423451
Aug 201930143.8K102724724
Sept 201934751.0k110125894