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Quality Assurance in the Contact Centre


From 09:30am until 12:30pm

At Virtual Event


This workshop, with its focus on practical implementation, explores the importance of QA and calibration and the influence it can and should have across the Contact Centre. Raising awareness of the Customer Experience and customer outcomes offers more appreciation of the role that continuous improvement plays in the quality process.

Benefits to your business 

• Businesses that consistently make small marginal gains can experience large improvements in performance over time.
• Get an upskilled QA function who can deliver more value and insight back to the business.
• Effective QA provides an added layer of reassurance to mitigate compliance risk, essential in regulated industries.
• An effective Quality Framework is fundamental to delivery of a world-class experience for customers.
• When QA is valued and managed well, staff loyalty is increased and staff turnover decreased.
• Getting it right more often and first time round reduces costs and increases efficiencies.
• An effective QA Framework has a positive impact on your agent population’s speed to competence.
• QA provides improved identification of training needs and enhanced feedback.

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

• Learn the fundamentals of best practice in quality monitoring and apply this back in the workplace.
• Gain a greater cross-industry perspective of quality.
• Consider the Human Element in quality monitoring and apply a holistic approach rather than a tick-box exercise.
• Develop awareness of the impact that we have on our customers.
• Describe the QA sphere of influence, and the notion of marginal gains.
• Identify how to set and deliver quality standards.
• Consider how the quality standards (scorecard) and calibration can be used as part of a cycle of continuous improvement.


3-hour online sessions, using Zoom.

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