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Each day we receive requests from either companies or individuals to be placed on the subscriber database of

Unlike perhaps other comparable contact centre websites it is NOT just a case of placing them directly on the database even though we offer the website free-of-charge.

Each time that we receive a request our telemarketing team contact the company or individual to confirm that the information which they have submitted is true and correct.

Don’t work in the UK contact Centre Industry – Sorry you don’t qualify

Aren’t in a Senior Management Position within the UK contact Centre Industry – Sorry you don’t qualify

Aren’t based in the UK? – Sorry you don’t qualify

Below is a detailed profile of our Subscribers as at 31st December 2019

– 11,254 Subscribers are UK based

– 1,621 Subscribers are overseas based

– 12,875 Total Subscribers across 4,865 contact centre sites.

Subscribers to by size of contact centre

Subscribers to by size of Geographical Location

Subscribers to by Job Title

In addition, each time we send out a third party email or a news alert sometimes we receive ‘Bounced Emails’. (please bear in mind that we normally send out over 1.2 million emails per month!) when we do it is not just a case of deleting them from the subscriber database – which we do!

Again our in-house telemarketing Department would telephone the Company in question and ask for the name and contact details for the ‘replacement’ – we would the send out an email request to the individual detailing the benefits of subscribing to

It isn’t by chance that we believe that we have the most comprehensive and up to date contact centre database available in the UK, if nothing else, we have been publishing the website since 2001!

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