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When contact centres want to manage work-at-home staff, they use QStory’s Workforce Agility platform.

Powered by proprietary resource management technology, QStory’s Workforce Agility platform complements existing WFM systems to enable contact centres to manage their staff as if they were in the same room, whether staff are located in a single centre, multiple virtual centres or at home.

QStory provides staff with the smartphone app they need to work smart while meeting their work and home commitments.

QStory works with the largest banks, insurers and industry contact centres. Isn’t it time you found out more?

One of the UK’s fastest growing companies, QStory, based in Guildford, Surrey, is revolutionising the way call centres manage their operations in real-time.

QStory’s Workforce Agility platform is engineered to improve employee engagement, deliver improved customer experience and reduce operational costs.  It’s already deployed in contact centres in the UK, Ireland, Europe, South Africa and North America.



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