Verint Workforce Optimisation Solution Available for Mobile Platforms

verint.logo.2014Verint® Systems Inc have announced that its Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution is now available on multiple mobile platforms, including Google Android and Apple iOS. As a native mobile application for Android and iOS-based devices, Verint Mobile WFO™ (Workforce Optimization) enables frontline employees and managers to enjoy the benefits of WFO while being mobile, engage and deliver on-demand intelligence on-the-go, and swiftly respond and take action from the convenience of their own mobile devices.

By enabling supervisors and employees to execute better from wherever they are, Verint is making it more convenient to help align business processes around customers’ needs and wants, while effectively meeting the preferences and expectations of today’s evolving workforce.

Easier Access to Data from Mobile Devices

Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and want the convenience of accessing and working with information directly from their smartphones and tablets. Verint’s mobile applications are designed to address that need by helping busy executives, managers, agents and other employees gain remote access to critical business information right from their smartphones and tablets. The Verint Mobile WFO app engages and empowers users by delivering Actionable Intelligence® on-the-go to quickly respond and act from anywhere, at any time, via their mobile devices.

With Verint Mobile WFO, organizations can provide their employees with on-demand access to frequently used WFO functionality, both within and outside the workplace, making it a practical solution to meet the needs and expectations of today’s evolving workforce. The mobile WFO app includes capabilities that extend across workforce management and performance management. It complements the capabilities of the Verint Mobile EFM™ (Enterprise Feedback Management) apps that allow customer feedback to be captured via mobile devices, both online and offline. Collectively, these apps help improve operations focused on customer engagement and allow service teams to capture feedback from anywhere, while also enabling organizations to empower and engage the staff that are delivering the service.

Using simple, intuitive navigation, users can gain on-demand access to frequently used WFO functionality, whether they are outside the contact center, branch or back-office operations department—a benefit that boosts supervisor and employee productivity. Comprised of rich features inherent in the company’s award-winning enterprise WFO suite, Verint Mobile WFO enables users to:

  • Increase supervisor productivity by enabling them to take immediate, appropriate action while away from their workstations. Supervisors can quickly call and email employees, helping resolve questions and issues without the need to be physically present in their offices.
  • Enhance employee productivity by enabling staff to view key performance indicator (KPI) scores and trends, schedule information or request time off, at any time and from any location.
  • Foster greater employee satisfaction by capitalizing on the growing preference for mobile communications and the flexibility to conduct a variety of activities on mobile devices.

For additional information see Verint’s Company Profile

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