Supplier Directory Banners 2021

For 2021 we are offering our valued clients something new; all the benefits of but you could say with a cherry on top!

For 2021 we’re mixing it up – we’re adding a few more ingredients in order that you can personalise the best way you can promote your products and services to the bouyant UK contact centre industry.

As a valued client within the popular Supplier Directory we’re giving you the option to upgrade your current entry. Please allow me to explain.

From 1st January 2021 we are introducing new levels and features to enhance your current supplier directory package to include,

Supplier Directory – Bronze Option (Your current Option)

– Inclusion within the Supplier Directory

– Additional categories at no additional cost

– Unlimited PR & Editorial coverage

– Publishing of ALL received Editorial which is replicated on Social Media, LinkedIn and included within our weekly newsletter.

Bronze Option at £599 per annum *

Supplier Directory – Silver Option
The benefits of the Bronze option but with,

– 400x250px Banner to appear in the right hand column of all pages

– 728x90px Banner to appear beneath any of your company’s editorial

Please note that there is no limit to the number of times the banners are changed to promote, for example, an event, white paper, or new product or service.

Silver Option at £1,599 per annum *

Supplier Directory – Gold Option
The benefits of the Silver option but with, 

– One bespoke eShot sent every quarter to the 12,643 ** UK subscribers of

– Priority listings within the Supplier Directory

Gold Option at £2,999 per annum *

We appreciate that your renewal of your Supplier Directory doesn’t necessarily fall on 1st January 2021 when we are introducing these additional features – No problem we would just invoice  for the additional features, Silver & Gold Option, that you require and contact you before your Bronze entry(s) is due to expire.

Please note that attracts over 120,000 UK based visitors per month; that’s 120,000 potential clients who can all view your promotions. 120,000 is UK ONLY as we do not include ‘overseas’ visitor in our monthly visitor statistics.

* Rates as from 1st January 2021

** Data as at 16th December 2020

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