How Flowroute Helps Operational Continuity in your Contact Centre

How Flowroute helps ensure operational continuity in your contact centre – The importance of resilience planning for your contact centre

Disruptions in business are inevitable. From natural disasters to technological glitches, many things can disrupt the normal running of your business, potentially causing significant downtime and financial losses. This is where business resilience planning comes into play. An effective business resilience plan enables your organization to adapt quickly to disruptions, maintain essential functions throughout, and swiftly recover from setbacks.

Nowhere is this more important than in contact centres. Contact centre downtime can result in lost revenue, damaged reputation and frustrated customers who may never return. Therefore, contact centre managers need to consider how they can ensure continuity of their operations in the face of disruption. There are many different elements to consider when building a business continuity plan for your contact centre. In this article I’m going to focus on how switching to Flowroute for your contact centre can help you bolster the resilience of your inbound and outbound telephone calls and remove the risk associated with relying on a single Telco provider.

Reliance on a single Telco is a point of risk for many contact centres

If your contact centre relies on a single Telco which is unable to deliver calls to you or enable you to make calls for whatever reason, even for a short time, then your organization can find itself without voice connectivity. Reliance on a single Telco means that you’re effectively at the mercy of their continuity plan. If your Telco suffers an outage, then you do too.

This is a significant risk, even if your contact center is only a small part of your operations. Existing customers and potential new customers are unable to contact you (nor you them). Those people who call your contact center wanting to speak to someone are often the customers with the greatest level of need or who are planning to make the largest value purchases. Any contact centre downtime represents potentially significant amounts of lost revenue and reputational damage from which it can be hard to recover.

So, what’s the alternative? How can you address the risk of reliance on a single Telco?

√ Flowroute removes reliance on a single Telco for CardEasy clients

√ Flowroute is a 100% cloud-based SIP trunking provider. Its innovative HyperNetwork has access to an NPAC database (number portability admin center) of billions of numbers across thousands of service providers. If an inbound call for your contact centre is received and the route that call would normally take is unavailable, Flowroute will automatically select an alternative route so that the call does not fail but instead passes through on another route. The same is true for outbound calls.

√ Flowroute’s ability to detect the kinds of network issues that happen all the time in voice infrastructure, and the way it can instatenously reroute your call traffic, removes the risk of outage time in your contact center due to a single Telco failure, minimizing the impact of disruptions and helping maintain vital operational continuity.

Flowroute offers scalability and flexibility

Another cornerstone of resilience is adaptability. Flowroute offers both scalability and flexibility, allowing your contact center to adjust its capacity and resources based on evolving needs. Whether scaling up during peak call volume periods or optimizing resources during quieter periods, Flowroute enables your contact center to adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

Flowroute saves you time and money

An additional benefit of switching to Flowroute is that the rates we can offer our clients are extremely competitive. That’s because we’re able to use our aggregate call volume to secure highly competitive call rates for our customers. Not only that but we also take care of all the administration for you. We arrange the porting of your numbers and deal with the billing, whilst providing you with the reports you need to monitor call volumes and so on.



All CardEasy customers can sign up to Flowroute. Instead of using a single Telco, Flowroute becomes your Telco and gives you access to a wide range of routes for call delivery, with seamless failover. We port all your telephone numbers from your existing Telco to Flowroute, your calls pass through our CardEasy Secure Voice Cloud and are delivered to your contact center. It’s extremely simple and easy to set up.

Business resilience planning is essential for contact centers. By integrating solutions like Flowroute into your contact center operations, you can significantly enhance contact center resilience, ensuring uninterrupted communication with your customers no matter what.

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