Cirrus Releases Game-Changing Upgrade To Their Contact Centre Platform

Cirrus, the leading contact centre solutions provider, have announced an upgrade to its revolutionary contact centre platform, and it’s set to transform customer service. With a focus on leveraging generative AI and the smooth integration of cutting-edge technologies, Cirrus brings essential tools into one single platform. This will enable contact centres across the UK to deliver improved customer service with significantly greater efficiency.

The upgrade integrates an array of powerful technologies, including CRM, workforce optimisation and enhanced omnichannel features like outbound dialler, drag-and-drop IVR and workflow builder and agent scripting. Bringing all these elements natively onto one platform makes it easier to deploy generative AI, namely Cirrus ‘Copilot’.

Jason Roos, CEO of Cirrus, says,

“We have been thinking very hard about where generative AI would have the most profound impact on contact centre operations. And so, in addition to the platform upgrade, we have developed Cirrus Copilot, our ChatGPT AI assistant. Cirrus Copilot lends its support to human agents, automating tasks, offering guidance, and delivering insights that lead to stellar customer interactions. Cirrus Copilot optimisation frees agents to focus on more rewarding engagements.”

The new Cirrus platform will enable businesses of all sizes to make every interaction count by creating more personalised experiences. Real-time agent assistance will create a transcription in real-time for every call. Agents can then leverage this to improve how each customer is communicated with. AI will drive the conversation.

With the release of the new platform, Cirrus remains committed to ongoing collaboration with its valued partners, and 3rd party API integrations will still be possible. Cirrus and its clients continue to strive for excellence in customer service, setting new standards for the industry.



The future of contact centre customer service is here, and its powered by Cirrus.

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Cirrus is a leading contact centre solutions software company that empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and seamless solutions, Cirrus provides cutting-edge technology that elevates contact centre performance and drives business growth.

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