Aspect Verify: Use Mobile Insight to Improve Trust

Aspect Verify has been helping businesses facilitate secure, frictionless transactions for years, resulting in huge fraud reductions — even amid concerns regarding SIM swapping and other vulnerabilities to sensitive communications. We’d like to show you how.

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Mark Harvey will be joining us to share his views on Mobile Connect, a framework to encourage collaboration within the entire mobile eco system. He is a Global Engagement Director within the GSMA and has a focus on driving standards within global mobile identity.

Join us on November, 14th at 2pm GMT for an information-packed session on how utilising data and mobile insights helped us to save over £10 million per annum for one bank alone.

Let our success inspire yours. We’ll explore:

The Challenge: How we can continue to enhance services securely

The Case Study: How the largest UK bank saves £10 million per annum in fraud

The Detail: Insights and impact of this process

The Direction: How to remain agile and responsive to ever-evolving security threats

We’ll share how the Aspect Verify trust platform can expedite your company’s digital transformation. See how we can help put a stop to fraud while also improving all the key stages of the banking lifecycle.

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