What affect can QueueBuster have on contact centres?

netcall.qeubuster.revenue.download.image.oct.2015What affect can QueueBuster have on your contact centre?

£250,000 additional sales revenue

Using patented intelligent call back technology, QueueBuster can create an additional sales revenue of £250,000 on average and deliver return on investment within weeks at your contact centre.

By offering your customers the option to receive a call back as an alternative to spending hours on hold, you will generate more revenue, handle significantly more calls and improve customer satisfaction.

– Deliver return on investment within weeks

-Measurable improvement of contact centre productivity by smoothing out call peaks, enabling you to handle up to 15% more calls

-Reduce talk-time as conversations are easier and include fewer complaints, enabling staff to up-sell and cross-sell

Download the Queuebuster factsheet to find out how.

netcall.logo_.oct_.20151Additional Information

For additional information on Queuebuster or Netcall visit their Website or view the Netcall Company Profile

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