Webinar: How to use TV screens to solve Agent Disengagement

Agent disengagement is costing our industry billions a year. An agent heading for the door is just the tip of the financial iceberg. The costs of recruitment, training and onboarding new employees have skyrocketed and as contact centers become more complex, the challenges are set to grow.

At Optymyse we are working with Contact Centres around the world to respond these challenges.

sjs.banner.webinar.jan.2017Our free webinar, part of our ‘Shortcut to Success’ series has been created specifically for Contact Centre Executives, Managers and IT teams to consider how to best use TV screens to solve Agent Disengagement.

We discuss what we have learned from your peers and colleagues around the world about how the evolving challenges of disengagement impact customers and how using low cost, easy to manage technology such as Optymyse can quickly solve many of the disengagement problems which exist in today’s Contact Centre environments.

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