Tenant Hub Platform Will Ensure No Resident Gets Left Behind

New Tenant Hub platform from Netcall will ensure no resident gets left behind
The release of a new low-code case management framework from Netcall will enable housing associations to keep up with the increasingly complex needs of today’s tenants

With the extension to the COVID-19 eviction ban due to expire at the end of May, rising unemployment rates and further financial uncertainty ahead, tenants have never been more dependent on housing associations. In fact, the waiting list for social housing is set to almost double to two million people next year – putting the housing sector under increasing pressure to not only keep up with inbound resident requests, but engage and support tenants through these challenging economic times.

In recognition of this, Netcall, a provider of intelligent automation and customer engagement solutions, is launching Tenant Hub, a housing-specific case management framework with a self-service tenant portal. It offers residents instant access to vital services, including rent statements, repair services and complaints. Powered by Netcall’s Liberty Plaform, Tenant Hub will be centred on Liberty Create low-code capabilities, with integration to Liberty’s omnichannel contact centre solution. This will enable housing associations to respond to the needs of tenants rapidly, whilst freeing up valuable time to provide improved resident care.

From being without hot water to dealing with a leaking tap, housing issues cause unnecessary stress for tenants already navigating economic uncertainty. Therefore, the Tenant Hub portal will enable residents to raise requests directly with housing associations and schedule repairs quickly and easily. Tenants will also be offered more choice than ever before when it comes to reaching out – including via Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Messaging within the Hub is powered by Netcall’s Liberty platform solution which includes an AI-assisted conversational messaging function. This consolidates messages from a range of communication channels into one single queue for contact centre agents to respond to. This avoids residents having to sit on hold whilst agents gather the right information from various systems, enabling faster resolutions and a greater level of care.

The Hub’s case management framework means that tenant cases are raised and logged with an agent almost instantly, with residents receiving automated updates as their case progresses – minimising tenants’ need to chase and ensuring peace of mind that a resolution is on the way. And for the agents, who deal with a large number of requests, having a central tenant record with the framework enables them to quickly identify and flag when tenants have made the same query on different channels, such as email and web chat, saving precious time. It also empowers effective work prioritisation, to ensure requests are completed in a timely manner. This unified view is particularly necessary for the future of work, which for many housing associations will involve a mixture of remote and hybrid working.

Unlike traditional CRM systems and other off-the-shelf solutions, the low-code platform works in tandem with existing technology infrastructures, minimising data and departmental silos and breaking down the barriers to digitalisation. Low-code also offers a greater level of agility and flexibility by removing the need for complex and time-consuming traditional coding – enabling associations to keep on building on Tenant Hub in response to changes in demand, thereby ensuring tenant services and processes are a 100% fit now, and in the future.

Richard Billington, CTO at Netcall, comments:

“Tenants who have faced ongoing financial difficulties over the last year need housing associations now more than ever before. In turn, these associations need the correct tools to be able to support residents by streamlining processes, providing more choice and enabling easier access to services. By offering a flexible, front-end portal, tenants will have instant access to a range of services to keep their homes running, whilst housing staff will be freed up to focus on a higher level of care.”

With Tenant Hub, housing associations will have access to core structures that they can re-use across all services – including people, properties, blocks, estates, tenancies and rent information. Customers will also have access to the Netcall AppShare community, where housing associations can share and build upon existing applications to drive greater tenant experiences.



Netcall is a leading provider of low-code and customer engagement solutions. A UK company quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. By enabling customer-facing and IT talent to collaborate, Netcall takes the pain out of big change projects, helping businesses dramatically improve the customer experience, while lowering costs. Over 600 organisations in financial services, insurance, local government and healthcare use the Netcall Liberty platform to make life easier for the people they serve. Netcall aims to help organisations radically improve customer experience through collaborative CX.

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