TeleTech boosts customer service with innovative technology platform

TeleTech boosts customer service with innovative technology platform – case study reveals how exceptional customer service was achieved using Aspect Workforce Management (WFM

The company

teletech.image.jan.2016TeleTech is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions. Founded in 1982, the company helps its clients acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. Using a customer-centric strategy, together with the latest technology, processes and operations, TeleTech partners with business leadership across marketing, sales and customer care to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience across every interaction channel. Servicing over 80 countries, TeleTech’s 46,000 employees live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, customers, and each other.

The challenges

Acting as an extension of their clients’ brand to provide an exceptional customer experience is TeleTech’s number one goal. A crucial part of ensuring customer satisfaction is having an agent available to provide assistance. With tens of thousands of customer service agents spread out over the globe, this is far from a simple task. Working with its clients, TeleTech anticipates market trends and changes in business that will drive requirements for the front line agents.

The solution

TeleTech uses Aspect Workforce Management (WFM) to ensure that its agents are in the right places, at the right times, doing the right things for each customer. For example, many of TeleTech’s clients experience significant peak seasons where contact volumes can increase exponentially. Using Aspect® Workforce Management, TeleTech is able to prepare for volume spikes from a workforce perspective and communicate with the agents to ensure they are prepared. As a long-time customer of Aspect, TeleTech is diligent about staying current on the latest version of Aspect Workforce Management in order to take advantage of the newest technology, features and enhancements available.

The benefits

Agents and supervisors have been thrilled with the sleek, integrated new user interface on Aspect WFM 8. The mobile enhancements have had a large impact on TeleTech’s at-home agents. With the new mobile features, TeleTech can send out communications (via text, email, etc.) for staffing needs to mobile devices when it needs agents to login. Through mobile interactions with agents TeleTech is able to react much quicker to clients’ needs as agents can respond in real-time to staffing requests created by unexpected volume changes.

Aspect WFM helps TeleTech respond to ever changing needs within each client’s business by ensuring that agents are staffed appropriately and that there is enough time for supervisors to train and coach the agents throughout the day. In addition, TeleTech needs to account for clients’ use of omni-channel communications and more contact points in their workforce planning. The multi-skill and multi-chat features ensure they have the right number of agents engaging with customers on voice, chat, and social media.

Other enhancements to Aspect® Workforce Management 8 include improvements to schedule adherence, forecasting and intraday management. A highly engaged and empowered workforce helps TeleTech embrace their client’s values through front line and back office support. In addition, reporting enhancements have made it possible for TeleTech to integrate with its clients’ tools to provide data in real-time as well as send regular reports. This gives clients’ visibility into events that might be impacting their business like severe weather.

Ensuring agent reliability is a large part of TeleTech’s workforce planning. With Aspect WFM, TeleTech can better track and predict agent reliability. Empowering agents to self-manage their schedule by selecting their shifts, requesting time off and reporting absences helps TeleTech meet the requirements of its clients. Self-managing their schedules results in happy agents, which equals happy customers.

teletech.ken.pearson.image.jan.2016Ken Pearson, Vice President of Global Workforce Management at TeleTech concluded:

“Over the past 19 years, I’ve used Aspect as well as other Workforce vendors. If I were going into battle, I’d have to say that the weapon of choice would be Aspect.

Most workforce tools do a lot of similar functions but when I look at the overall landscape, how it embraces technology, how it supports the front line agents as well as operations, I’ve always felt that Aspect differentiates from its competitors.” Information

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