Puzzel sign Strategic Alliance with EvaluAgent to Optimise Agent & CX

Puzzel signs strategic alliance with EvaluAgent to optimise Agent and Customer Experiences inside Puzzel’s Cloud based Customer Service Platform.
Puzzel, the leading European provider of cloud contact centre solutions, has today announced the signing of a new strategic alliance with EvaluAgent, a leading Quality Assurance and Performance Management platform.

As a result of the alliance, EvaluAgent’s technology will be integrated into the Puzzel’s Cloud based Customer Service Platform , designed to directly address some of the biggest workforce engagement and optimisation challenges contact centres face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thomas Rødseth, CTO at Puzzel, said,

“Puzzel is delighted to partner with EvaluAgent to support one another’s ambitious growth plans and joint value propositions. Alongside the Puzzel Marketplace, technology that seamlessly integrates and provides value is of great interest to our internal teams, prospects and customers.”

“EvaluAgent’s technology and industry experience meant they were a natural fit. As a result, we’re pleased to announce Puzzel customers can now dramatically streamline their QA process to deliver more effective feedback to their front-line teams,”

James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer at EvaluAgent concluded

“We are delighted to have entered into a strategic alliance with Puzzel to expand their product suite through our OEM edition of EvaluAgent. Given our shared product vision, believes and experiences’ both sides have supported each other tremendously well through the implementation process.2

“We look forward to helping each other achieve our mutual goals and initiatives into 2022 and beyond.”




Puzzel is the leading European provider of cloud contact centre solutions. Every day, more than 1,100 organisations across 40 countries use our software to deliver smart customer experiences, blending the powers of people and technology to serve customers efficiently, effectively and with empathy. The Puzzel Platform enables organisations to create rich journeys for their customers, with a mix of live and self-service experiences that give people the freedom to choose when, where and how they get help. Artificial intelligence is harnessed at every touchpoint to automate tasks, provide insight, and personalise service and support. Puzzel also includes a suite productivity and planning tools to empower managers and agents to reach their goals and continuously improve performance. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Puzzel is the CCaaS provider organisations trust when every moment matters.

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EvaluAgent is a Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement platform that helps Contact Centres Agents have better conversations with customers and make fewer mistakes.

Built by former QA leaders, EvaluAgent’s Smart Quality software blends AI with the best bits of traditional QA to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Quality Assurance teams. Automating admin and streamlining workflows, this smarter approach empowers teams to evaluate more interactions, quickly identify areas for improvement and hold meaningful coaching conversations in a single platform.

As a result, Contact Centres such as Vitality Insurance and Made.com have saved thousands of pounds through measurable improvements in Average Handle Time and First Contact Resolution while at the same time increasing CSAT scores and successfully demonstrating the fair treatment of customers to industry regulators.

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