Pindrop & Five9 Fraud Protection for Contact Centres

Pindrop and Five9 Partner to Provide Greater Access to Authentication and Fraud Protection for Five9 Customers
Pindrop’s leading voice authentication and fraud detection technologies that help improve customer security and experience will be available on the Five9 CX Marketplace.

Pindrop, a global technology leader offering security, identity, and intelligence for every voice, today announced its partnership with Five9, a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact centre. The partnership will make Pindrop’s solutions more accessible across the globe, helping to secure customer interactions across a number of industries with leading voice authentication, fraud detection, and call intelligence technology.

Gahn Lane, VP, Global Partners and Alliances at Pindrop, said,

“As we head into 2022, a key focus for our business is to make voice authentication technology more widely accessible and beneficial to businesses across a variety of industries,”

“Most importantly, by partnering with Five9, we are able to effectively expand Pindrop’s reach to customers in key sectors such as retail, healthcare and higher education. We are excited to kick off our partnership, and look forward to seeing it evolve and mature over the remainder of the year.”

The partnership comes as the call centre industry is grappling with two major challenges: First, fraud and cybercrime attempts are expected to increase year-over-year; and second, call centres are dealing with increased user traffic, which threatens to impact the quality of customer experience across the industry.

Walt Rossi, Vice President of Business Development at Five9, said,

“Now more than ever, contact centres are hyper-focused on improving both user security and customer experience,”

“Partnering with Pindrop gives our customers more choice in addressing both those needs simultaneously and will allow more organizations to protect sensitive customer information and prevent fraud with voice authentication technology.”

As part of the partnership, Pindrop’s offerings will be available on the Five9 CX Marketplace, including: Pindrop® Protect, Pindrop® Passport, and VeriCall® Technology. Five9 customers can now benefit from Pindrop® Protect real-time risk analysis on inbound customer calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring, and intelligent fraud analytics to provide risk updates in real-time and efficiently predict which accounts are at risk. For authentication, Pindrop® Passport helps improve customer experience through accessible and efficient passive voice identification, while VeriCall® Technology analyzes call metadata with machine learning to verify when a call is coming from the device that owns the number. This allows step-down authentication for customers (like removing knowledge-based security questions) while also detecting call spoofing to help protect against bad actors.



Pindrop® solutions are leading the way to the future of voice by establishing the standard for identity, security, and intelligence for voice interactions. Pindrop solutions help protect some of the biggest banks, insurers, and retailers in the world using patented technology that extracts intelligence from the calls and voices encountered. Pindrop solutions help detect fraudsters and authenticate genuine customers, reducing fraud and operational costs while improving customer experience and protecting brand reputation.

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Five9 is an industry-leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, bringing the power of cloud innovation to more than 2,000 customers worldwide and facilitating billions of call minutes annually. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre provides digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization, and practical AI to create more human customer experiences, to engage and empower agents, and deliver tangible business results. Designed to be reliable, secure, compliant, and scalable, the Five9 platform helps contact centres increase productivity, be agile, boost revenue, and create customer trust and loyalty.

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