PCI Pal Urges Contact Centres to Stop Capturing Card Data

PCI Pal urges firms to stop capturing payment card data to limit future risk

Credit-CardsData breaches are frequently hitting the headlines and so the time for organisations to act is now

Following news reports* that suggest the smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, is currently investigating alleged cases of credit card fraud as a result of a potential flaw in its payment processing systems, PCI Pal is urging businesses to step-up protection so sensitive customer payment data does not enter a business’ infrastructure or call centre, to therefore reduce exposure to such risk.

With global data breaches regularly hitting the headlines, PCI Pal is demonstrating the importance of organisations taking payments securely without bringing their environments into scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

This can be achieved by using technologies whereby customers instead key in personal information into a telephone keypad, which automatically routes to the payment processor and eliminates the need for any sensitive payment data to ever enter an organisation’s internal systems.

pci pal tony smith image jan 2018Tony Smith, ‎Sales Director EMEA of PCI Pal said:

“Data breaches are frequently hitting the headlines and so the time for organisations to act is now.

“Businesses need to ensure that they are protecting sensitive payment data; not only for the benefit of customers, but to de-risk and safeguard their future operations by not capturing or storing any payment card details within their call centre or internal systems.

“With the new General Data Protection Regulation rulings coming into force in May, organisations could face financial penalties of up to 4% of annual global turnover or up to €20 million for data breaches – a penalty that could be significantly damaging to businesses of all sizes

“Businesses will be held more accountable and legally liable for any breaches that occur, therefore making sure compliant payment security is in place is more of a priority than ever before.”



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