Contact Centres From Multichannel To Omnichannel

Turning your contact centre from multichannel to omnichannel

omnichannel.image.feb.2016Today customers expect to be able to contact companies using any channel and receive the same experience, every time.

The omnichannel world requires that you sharpen the focus on how well you deliver customer experience (CX). Instead of a primary emphasis on operations and the productivity of each department or team, CX allows you to remove silos.

Omnichannel contact centres put customer experience at the heart of what they do with a 360o view of all interactions, so how to you change your siloed multichannel approach to omnichannel?We explore 4 steps you can take to help you.

Step 1 – Find an executive sponsor: it will help you motivate every department.

An omnichannel contact centre removes silos and promotes fully integrated working. When you have an executive sponsor who can emphasise the importance and benefit of the project your preparation and execution is typically more successful.

Step 2 – Confirm your objectives: agree the business benefits and return on investment to the company.

Review your plans and confirm the ‘end in mind’ and what success looks like.Providing a clear picture of success enables teams to identify with the direction and each action or change can be evaluated against the goal. In other words, will this action contribute to success or is it a distraction?

Step 3 – Change readiness: take your team with you.

Support colleagues by engaging individuals from marketing, back office, field staff and the contact centre in the pending change. Help them to see that data from all channels, activities and processes now belong to the organisation and not to their department. Improving the experience for all your customers’ demands total integration and cross functional working. Use your executive sponsor to motivate why this change will enrich their work and improve their job satisfaction.

Step 4 – Map your customer journeys

Understanding what you want to achieve, then consider each relevant journey ensuring that every interaction is mapped. Before embarking on a mapping frenzy which can be an inefficient use of everyone’s time, consider Gartner’s advice …..’Define all touch points, workflows, bottlenecks and any delays, and consider if both the number of interactions and the requirements of each contact are fit for purpose’. Unnecessary or wasted steps are easily highlighted. Prioritise important steps and investigate smarter options or automations to reduce effort.

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