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Introducing the Music that Can Change Your (Work) Life!  – Holger Reisinger Jabra’s workplace is packed with distractions that keep us from getting our jobs done. It’s time to change that. “Focus on Work,” a free soundtrack from Jabra and Restworks, can help us achieve a blissful state of concentration.

You know the helpless feeling: The critical piece of work in front of you requires your immediate and undivided attention.

But you can’t concentrate. Noisy coworkers, a churning printer and the incessant whirring of the air-conditioning unit – all have overwhelmed your ability to focus.

You feel frustrated, anxious, paralyzed….

We’ve all experienced this feeling of powerlessness on the job. In a recent Jabra survey of 2,500 employees, nearly 80% said that noise and interruptions have a negative impact on their productivity. [1] The frustration and stress also take a toll on our mental and physical health.

Introducing “Focus at Work”

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Jabra has teamed with Restworks to introduce “Focus on Work,” a 90-minute music soundtrack to help improve concentration and escape the sounds of the open office.

You can stream the first 30-minutes right here – absolutely free! (And once you’ve tried it, be sure to download the 90-minute version…. It’s also free, courtesy of Jabra and Restworks!)

Restworks is one of the world’s foremost experts in helping people relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Its renowned Sleep Cognition app helps users get to sleep faster, while sleeping longer and more soundly. Its enthusiastic fans include celebrated author J.K. Rowling and NBA star Roy Hibbert. Restworks also shares Jabra’s passion for achieving the right work environment for concentration.

In the U.S. alone, an estimated $588 billion a year in productivity is lost to workplace distractions. Noise is among the biggest culprits, especially in today’s popular open office environments. And no matter what the expert multitaskers insist, we humans we can only follow 1.6 conversations at the same time. When you are typing, it adds up to one conversation in your head – too many sensory inputs tax our brain and cause overload. Plus our brains have been rewired over the years to instantly react each time a message or notification pops up on our screen or smartphone.

It all adds up to too many distractions, too much mind-wandering and too little productivity.

Take a Listen!

Focus at Work” takes you to a soothing place where concentration and focus come easily. Just grab your favorite headset and enjoy a lush soundscape that’s tailor-made for enhancing memory recall, concentration and processing. You’ll immediately notice how the complex sonic waves create the ideal environment for diving right into those important tasks in front of you.

What you won’t notice when streaming “Focus on Work” is Taylor Swift, Shakira or other popular artists. While their music is ideal for an intense workout, the driving beats and fast tempo actually distract you from your work. Plus it’s impossible to concentrate on work when you’re singing along to that catchy chorus you know so well!

It’s time for us to refocus and rediscover just how productive we can be on the job.

Additional Information

jabra.holger.reisinger.image.2015Holger Reisinger Jabra is Senior Vice President Large Enterprise Solutions at JABRA GN AUDIO A/S

Listen to “Focus on Work.” And then be sure to download the 90-minute version – free, courtesy of Jabra and Restworks!

[1] Knowledge Worker Study 2015 by Jabra

For additional information on Jabra visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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