Have You Realised Your Potential Yet?

Have you realised your potential yet? Holger Reisinger of Jabra discusses that although you maybe a Genius or Guru but one thing is for sure: you have potential.

jabra.work.potential.tool.image.2015Most of us are good at our job. But how do we know, if we are as good as we could be? Well, in my experience, if you want to perform at your best, first you need to understand your own work behaviour and build on that. Maybe you are the Guardian at work or the Game Changer. Perhaps the Genius or even the Guru. One thing is for sure: you have potential. Now let us find out what it is!

Ideally, every day and every assignment should be fun and thrilling. But, as we all know; some days are harder than others. However, if you feel, that things could be more fun and much less challenging than they are. Then perhaps you stuck in a way of working, which does not make the most of your abilities – and your capabilities. Which means you have probably not yet realised your full potential.

For a long time I have been interested in the concept of ‘potential’. How to recognise it. Make the most of it. I think what really provoked me was a term coined by the psychologist Shawn Anchor, who discusses the disadvantages of “the cult of the average”. What he refers to is, how when crunching large amounts of data about a certain group of people, there will always be a couple, who differ from the average. But we ignore them, because from a scientific point of view the average forms the best basis for a new truth.

But what if we studied the outliers instead of deleting them in our studies. Think about the potential in knowing how these non-average outliers perform and behave. What they might be capable of and if we learned from them – what we would be capable of.

There is of course a huge difference between ability and capability. While ability describes what you are able to do now, capability describes your potential. In that sense new ways of working is a matter of making our capability or potential turn into an ability. I don’t care where you fall on the line. It doesn’t matter to me, whether you are above, below or on average. We all have potential and we all have talent. Period. Often, however, it can be hard for us to recognise this. Perhaps we take some skills for granted.

Perhaps our strengths lie in something that we never thought of as a skill, like being good at collaborating, something which could make a huge difference to your company and career. Most of us have a good idea about, where our strengths lie. But when managed to fully realise our potential, we will be able to contribute more and for the benefit of your life and the world around you.
Having repeated this conversation in the office for quite some time, some of my clever colleagues had an idea: Let us come up with a tool that can help people identify their capabilities – a simple tool to a complex question: What is your work potential?

Knowing this will be the first step towards growing as a professional and as a person. And therefore, we are proud to invite you to learn just Click Here, where you can test your professional potential.

Maybe you are the Guardian at work. Or the Game Changer. Maybe you are the Genius in your team. Or perhaps you are the company Guru. I think most of us know deep down, what we are good at or which tasks we like more than others. But often, this insight requires assistance. Therefore, we have set up the Work Potential Test as an online multiple-choice test, which can assist you in unlocking your potential with advice and suggestions on exercises that can optimize your way of working. And at best help you grow as a professional.

The test gives guidance towards attaining the optimal combination of abilities and capabilities. Because perhaps, the capabilities and potential in your office will come out better, if you swapped tasks around a bit. This could even help your team unfold their full potential too.

I am very interested in what you make of our efforts into the field of realising and indeed releasing your full potential, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.

jabra.holger.reisinger.image.2015Holger Reisinger is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Products and Alliances at Jabra.

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