Reimagine the Future of Contact Centre Operations

Ways to Reimagine the Future of Contact Centre Operations with Interactive Intelligence

Impressing your customers is not simply about what they can see or hear. It’s about what they can’t see or hear.

inin.reimagine.image.expo.aug.2016The behind-the-scenes, the foundations, the cogs of your machine.

Running a smooth operation in a call centre is no mean feat in today’s demanding customer environment. That’s why we’re reimagining what it takes to provide great service with every contact, whatever the medium, whatever the query.
Welcome to the future

Interactive Intelligence have injected 22 years of insight and experience in the field of customer engagement into a revolutionary way to improve your operations. PureCloud Engage is a new way to run your call centre.

Here’s the magic:

Adaptive technology that responds to your unique needs
We know that every call centre is different, so our cloud platform is fully customisable and integrates seamlessly with other apps and services. This means that you can communicate with your customers in a way that suits them and the many ways in which your agents work best.

Omnichannel contact history with every customer
Customers will contact you in any way they like, so your agents need to be adaptable. Our omnichannel platform improves efficiency by keeping everything in one place, so your agents can be quicker and your workplace slicker when it comes to giving your customers the best service possible.

Communication scaling to handle peaks and troughs
PureCloud Voice helps you manage heavy traffic periods effortlessly by scaling your communications across your workforce. It also adapts to quiet periods, too, which means that not a minute of your agents’ time will be wasted.

Industry-leading disaster recovery
Things can go wrong from time to time, but we don’t let that affect your operations. We built a robust disaster recovery function into our cloud platform to ensure that a disaster for the workplace doesn’t turn into a disaster for your customers.

On-demand, limitless computing power
Add to all that the innovative features of Amazon’s cloud computing suite, Amazon Web Services, and your call centre will be running like a finely-tuned Lamborghini in no time.

Does it work?

The Interactive Intelligence solution is used by some of the biggest and most successful, customer-focussed companies in the world. Just ask!

inin.logo_.image_.20151Additional Information

Intelligence Intelligence are Headline Partners at Customer Contact Expo 2016 (28th – 29th September 2016) which visitors can view a live demo of PureCloud Engage

To register for Customer Contact Expo Click Here

For additional information on Interactive Intelligence visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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