Webinar: How Back-Office Organisations Optimise Workforce

How Back-Office Organisations Optimise Workforce and Operations Using Traditional Call Centre Model

rochester.health.image.aug.2017Rochester Regional Health joins Genesys in August 30-31 global webinar to discuss the impact of centralisation on management and care

Genesys,®  the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, is hosting free 60-minute global webinars on August 30 and 31 to discuss how organisations can reap huge benefits from a call centre approach in non-traditional departments and across back-office operations. Speakers from Rochester Regional Health will discuss how they expanded visibility into operations and achieved efficiencies with a centralised model. Attendees will hear details from Rochester’s Patient Communication Centre about their experiences with patient outreach, scheduling, billing, customer service, and nursing across 80 facilities and more than 20,000 employees, medical staff and volunteers.

What:  Healthcare Provider Boosts Operations with Call Centre Approach

Healthcare is a dynamic and complicated industry – and not one that typically comes to mind when you think of a call centre. But, like many organisations with back-office departments, there are significant benefits to be gained from a centralised model. Getting scheduling and workforce planning right can have a huge impact on patient experience, employee morale and operating costs. The proper tools not only address imbalances in overstaffing and understaffing, but can do so for non-standard departments across your company.

Who:   Participants in the webinar include:

–  Jason Zawodzinski, senior project manager of operations, Rochester Regional Health

– Sally Loughry, senior director of communications centre operations, Rochester Regional Health

– Bobbi Chester, senior director of product marketing, Genesys

Why:   Join this webinar to learn:

– How non-traditional departments such as human resources, accounts receivable and payable, referral management, and field operations can benefit from a call centre approach.

– What gains can be made through workforce optimisation.

– Why the adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” holds truer today than ever.

When: Thursday, August 31 — 60 minutes

Europe, Middle East & Africa: 2 PM BST

Additional Information

genesys.logo_.june_.2017To attend this live webinar and/or to receive a post-event recording Click Here

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