Five9 Announces Enhanced Zendesk Integrations

Five9 Announces Enhanced Zendesk Integrations to Unify the Agent Workspace and Meet Customer Needs Faster

New Tools Streamline Contact Centre Workflows and Improve Agent and Customer Experiences

Five9 have announced enhancements to its integration with Zendesk Talk Partner Edition (TPE) that support the latest Zendesk Voice Comment and Standard Call Object features. Together, the companies are streamlining agent workspaces and enhancing contact centre capabilities and controls to ensure every customer interaction is personalised and seamless.

New key features are built on the latest Zendesk release, with Voice Comment and Standard Call Object arming agents with contextual data needed to identify customer needs and deliver resolution with speed and relevance. Five9’s comprehensive customer ticket data, like caller identity and intent, is gathered from Five9’s IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent) and presents them via Five9’s Agent Assist to live agents using the Zendesk Voice Comment feature.

Scott Black, RVP, Business Development at Five9, said,

“By integrating with Zendesk’s latest technology, we’re providing support agents and customers with more enhanced, seamless experiences,”

“The complementary solutions allow enterprises to reimagine what the customer service experience looks like by equipping agents with tools that swiftly identify customer needs and deliver timely resolutions.”

The new Five9 enhancements provide key benefits to agents and customers that include:

√ Crisp and customisable ticketing user interface for stronger workspace management

– Collapsible ticket view that presents Five9 call data into organised ticket sections and organisable based on priority

√ Improved agent guidance for better customer experiences

– Parent-child ticket aggregation will now simplify ticket handling by consolidating related tickets into a single view to deliver the necessary context live agents need to provide more cohesive and efficient customer service while also enhancing customer personalisation and satisfaction.

√ Increased automation to streamline workflows

– Automatic call logging for missed or abandoned calls, no longer requiring agents to manually create tickets.

√ AI-Ready Framework for sharing real-time customer data insights with live agents

-The Zendesk-Five9 integration will make it easier to activate existing Five9 AI for real-time guidance, transcriptions, and summaries

Tim Marsden, Senior Director, Technology Alliances at Zendesk, said,

“Our partnership with Five9 remains pivotal in our mission to develop customer support solutions that focus on improving contact centre efficiencies and deliver superior experiences to their customers. With improvements to agent guidance and automated workflows, live agents are better equipped to effectively decipher and perform the task at hand,”

“Our long-standing partnership with Five9 is making it easy for businesses to tap into powerful solutions from both companies. Together, we’re making it possible to predict and meet customer needs, no matter how rapidly they change.”

Michael Locurcio, Director CS Systems at Barnes & Noble, commented,

“Thanks to the seamless integration between Five9 and Zendesk, we’ve elevated our service and support, which helps us create long-lasting customers relationships for our brand,”

“We strive to ensure that our customers experience the same level of joy when engaging with us as they do when indulging in the books. By consistently delivering exceptional service, we keep our customers smiling and ensure that our brand delivers positive experiences throughout their buyer journey, regardless of their stage.”



The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to engage with customers across their channel of choice, empower managers with insights and intelligence into contact centre performance, and elevate your business to deliver better business outcomes and Bring Joy to CX™. Our cloud-native, scalable, and secure platform includes contact centre; omnichannel engagement; Workforce Engagement Management; extensibility through more than 1,400 partners; and innovative, practical AI, automation, and journey analytics that are embedded as part of the platform. Five9 brings the power of people, technology, and partners to more than 2,500 organisations worldwide.

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