Fighting fraud with voice biometrics

fraudNuance Communications has announced a partnership deal with TRUSTID, a provider of contact centre authentication technology, to help contact centers streamline customer authentication and fight fraud.

Nuance’s voice biometrics detect the unique characteristics of a person’s voice to create a voiceprint, which is used within contact centres to confirm a customer’s identity – simply from their conversation with a contact centre agent.

As a result, says Nuance, a growing number of contact centres are replacing inane and time-consuming security questions – mother’s maiden name, where you went to high school, and so on – with biometrics-based systems.

TRUSTID’s solution uses real-time telephone network forensics technology to determine if a call is trustworthy or not. The solution validates legitimate calls while detecting calls that are spoofed, hacked and otherwise manipulated.

Used separately, the Nuance and TRUSTID systems significantly enhance security and convenience, reducing fraud and shortening the time customers and agents spend on calls. However, contact centres that use Nuance and TRUSTID in combination could see an even greater reduction in average handling time (AHT), a strengthening of security and anti-fraud measures, and significant reductions in operating costs, the companies claim.

“Criminals are able to collect a treasure-trove of personal information from a range of public sources and, as a result, are often better at answering identity interrogation questions than the legitimate customers they are defrauding,” said Patrick Cox, CEO of TRUSTID. “Combining Nuance Voice Biometrics with TRUSTID call validation before the call is answered, dramatically improves security and convenience and, in turn, customer satisfaction.”

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