eGain Reimagines Omnichannel Customer Engagement

eGain Reimagines Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Conversational Automation, Augmented Contact Centre Agents, and Full-Spectrum Analytics

eGain have announced major enhancements to its eGain Solve™ software suite. eGain Solve Fall 2019 includes innovative capabilities to accelerate digital transformation success end to end: Connect, Solve, and Optimise.


eGain Messaging Hub™ unleashes the power of eGain knowledge and guidance solutions across all messaging channels, including Apple Business Chat™, SMS, WhatsApp Messenger™, and Facebook Messenger™.

Businesses can effortlessly launch intelligent, personalized outbound notifications from the Hub.

They can automate messaging-based customer conversations with eGain Virtual Assistant™ with full-context, step-up escalation to human-assisted chat and step-down transition back to the virtual assistant. Agents can serve customers across all messaging touchpoints from within the eGain Advisor Desktop with 360-degree customer interaction history.

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eGain Sales Advisor™ makes all your contact centre agents as good as your best sales agent with best-practice process guidance. Easy to deploy and manage, it is built on proven, award-winning AI technology, knowledge, and analytics.

The solution also automates goal-based coaching via personalized digital engagement and A/B optimisation.

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eGain Virtual Assistant for Agents™ continuously monitors conversations to serve up best-practice guidance and knowledge to agents when relevant. The agent does not have to defocus from the customer conversation to search the knowledge base, nor does she have to tab to another window to get to the right procedure. Surfacing the right knowhow exactly when it is needed boosts agent adoption of company best-practices, improving agent confidence and optimizing the overall customer experience.

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eGain Analytics for Amazon Connect™ is a rich and scalable solution for omnichannel analytics and customer journey insights for Amazon Connect™.

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eGain IVR Analytics™ empowers contact centers to easily understand customer behavior and assess customer experience inside their IVR system. Using eGain’s interactive, business-friendly tool, analysts can visually identify bottlenecks in IVR journeys to understand root causes for abandonment and escalation. With these insights, they can optimize IVR pathways, smartly adding digital off-ramps like SMS Chat and Virtual Assistance to improve NPS and reduce service cost.

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Ashu Roy, eGain CEO said,

“Yesterday’s tools are not the answer to today’s digital-first, AI-augmented world,”

“Our new release offers unrivaled breadth and depth of AI- and Knowledge-powered omnichannel capabilities to easily transform contact centers into customer engagement centers for service and sales.”




Our knowledge-powered customer engagement software automates digital-first, omnichannel experiences for global brands. Infused with AI and analytics, eGain’s top-rated cloud platform enables effortless customer journeys with virtual assistance, customer self-service, and modern agent tools.

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