CX Response to COVID-19. Read the Report

New report reveals how COVID-19 transformed consumer behaviour and how CX teams are responding.

Sabio has unveiled the findings of its latest market survey that highlights how the COVID crisis has led to a period of pivotal change for businesses, employees and consumers. Driven by necessity, businesses condensed technology transformations from years to weeks and consumers switched to new, faster and more efficient, channels of engagement.

Covering actions and responses at the start of the crisis to opinions and direction in the present, the report offers insight from some of Europe’s leading businesses about the new path that CX leaders are taking.

This is the journey of customer facing teams during COVID-19 so far.

“We’ve moved forward in 4 or 5 months, where it could have taken us 2 years to get to this stage.”

“What has amazed everyone in the company, and the world, is how quickly people have come up with creative solutions under pressure and how fast we actually moved to adapt to this crisis. That has inspired us to redefine what is possible. It has become an inspiration for our teams and we’ll bear that in mind creating innovative solutions going forward”

“Only 10-15% wanted to be back in the office full time. Most wanted a mix, but some also wanted permanent working from home.”

“Different people thrive in different working environments so there will certainly be a shift in the range of people we now look to hire. However, with the right technology in place, we see this as an opportunity to increase our colleague skill set”



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