From a Contact Centre Near You Direct to Hollywood USA

In Hollywood, it’s the stars that make people flock to watch a movie and the movie makers know it. So, who are the stars of customer care in a contact centre?


Directors? Managers? Supervisors? Obviously, company processes and ethos does have an impact on the way agents deal with customers but at the end of the day the stars are the agents themselves! So, they must be getting paid a fortune and have the best tools for the job, right?

Wrong. Agents take all the flak, are the voice of your company and yet in many cases earn the least, more disappointing than that they are not given the right tools.

There are still so many stories of agents having to squint at metrics on dashboards unfit for use on TV screens and get told “We ONLY want the usual Call Handing Data, nothing fancy”.

It’s not difficult to work out that when an agent knows the answers to customers questions, feels part of a team, has a steady flow of information delivered to them in a format which is engaging, they will be less stressed, happier and as we all know happiness is contagious.

Optymyse isn’t your average wallboard, our templates use the latest employee engagement techniques to solve disengagement and reduce staff turnover in your contact centre.

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