CCMA Conference – Working outside the Bubble

ccma.national.conference.2015.image.sept.2015Working within a contact centre tends to be working inside of a bubble; Contact centre Management tend to be like the proverbial duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

Being inside your protective bubble you are isolated from what is happening outside of the confines and security of your contact centre; You know that Generation X has different attributes to that of Generation Y but what about the new upcoming Generation (Sometimes referred to as the dot com generation) – how would they effect the dynamics and impact on your contact centre?

With the strap line of ‘No sales pitches, no waffle, just straight talking from industry leaders’ industry Guru Ann-Marie Stagg and her Colleagues at the CCMA invited 250+ of the great and good of our industry to gather to learn from experts, network and overall experience the ‘buzz’ and ‘information overload ‘ scenario which will last long after the doors of the British library have closed for the conference.

The information gained from the Conference – no doubt furiously scribbled down on the Interactive Intelligence branded notepads – will take a few days to decipher and even more to incorporate within the working contact centre. The information presented, without exception, was real, now, useable and actionable, all relayed in a format that had the invited audience eager and thirsty for more.

I am sure that our friends at CCMA will be sending out resumes of the individual presentations better than I could ever do I. (Visit their Website details below) the day twitter was being bombarded with updates from delegates highlighting snippets of essential information from the presentations. I was originally going to award the best ‘tweeter’ two VIP Tickets to the forthcoming England v France game but how could I NOT present them to Dawn Redman. Head Of Customer Service at Hermes-Europe?

In addition to telling it ‘like it is’ in forthright and to the point Yorkshire style, gave a forthright and honest appraisal of her contact centre, warts and all, to include the now legendary phrase ‘To achieve perfect customer service aint going to happen just like me doing Brad Pitt’.

‘No sales pitch’ but I would urge you to join the CCMA. In addition to being part of the UK’s contact centre community will allow you visit other contact centres, access vital information, and, who knows, you might even get invited to next year’s ‘Must go to Event’.
Have a good week ahead

The Editor

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