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Case Study; rostrvm Solutions

rostrvm.logo_.2014A leading global beauty, fashion and home retailer has chosen Rostrvm when replacing its dialler. Direct sales is the company’s core business and the dialler is key to its strategy.

It now benefits from:

– Rostrvm Outbound with VoIP – a platform independent dialler, which supports structured, automated outbound contact

– Rostrvm CallGuide on the desktop with full scripting tools and process management functions to support agents through different types of calls

The challenges

This retail giant was looking for a modern outbound dialling solution that would be robust and future proof, in that it would be both efficient and flexible enough to accommodate changes over time.

The system needed to be fully Ofcom – compliant, be leveraged by other markets that the company targets, provide numerous functions and be user-friendly.

The company’s call centre agents are located both in the UK and in India, so the new dialler also needed to work effectively, independent of location, and provide a smooth communications channel for contacts and customers.

The project manager for the company, Garry, who has been involved in all areas from supplier selection through to installation and ongoing support, said, “In addition, the system had to be able to cope with the ‘On Demand’ nature of our sales and collections departments. We also wanted it to have full reporting capabilities and be an attractive addition for our agents. A tall order perhaps, but achievable, it transpires, with rostrvm.”

The solution

Garry explains, “Rostrvm understood our requirements exactly and tailor-made a solution to match them. The flexibility of the Rostrvm technology is key to its success: our new system incorporates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateways, for easy integration with our existing Avaya-based telecommunications set-up. The Rostrvm software resides on Windows platform which fits naturally with the company’s IT infrastructure standards.”

The new system enables the company to maintain regular telephone contact with sales agents, to keep them informed of the current product range and seasonal offers. Customer accounts and sensitive issues like debt management are able to be handled smoothly and efficiently.

Garry adds, “A particularly nice touch is that rostrvm has been configured to support the look and feel of our brand – for example the CallGuide desktop matches our corporate colours, so agents feel very at home using it.”

He continues, “We wanted a great solution but also a company that we would be proud to be affiliated with and one that we felt fitted our core values. We chose Rostrvm because they are very professional, they don’t believe in the pushy salesman approach but provide that personal touch, which is so often lacking in this field. We met all the company directors during the project phase and felt confident that they knew what they were doing. After project support is also very good.”

The results

The benefits achieved by implementing Rostrvm were instant, as Garry describes:

– We have a great partnership with Rostrvm that reflects the core values of our company.

– We have an on-demand dialler that keeps pace with, and eases, our ever-changing workload.

– Our newly empowered team leaders can now design scripts and campaigns without any IT involvement, which saves everyone time and money and benefits our contacts.

– The morale of our agents has increased because rostrvm is so user friendly and supports them well in their roles. This enables them to help their contacts more efficiently.

– Our call centres are more attractive and stimulating places in which to work.

“All of this has ensured increased productivity and financial gains at a time when every retailer out there is looking to gain every ounce of competitive advantage.”

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