A Human Touchpoint is Still the Champion of Customer Service

A Human Touchpoint is Still the Champion of Customer Service, Gamma Research Reveals

– SMEs buck digital trend with 38% listing human to human voice calls as their customers’ preferred communication method ahead of emails, online web chats and text

–  Human to human interaction form an important part of effective customer service according to 87% of SME leaders

–  84% of SMEs think superior customer experience over human to human voice calls is likely to support the growth of their business

With phone calls, email, chatbots, and social media all vying for attention, businesses must decide which channels to prioritise for customer service. New research from Gamma Communications, reveals the answer is quite simple: don’t underestimate the power of human connection.

According to the new research, SMEs are dialled into the importance of human to human voice calls.. Over a third (35%) of SMEs surveyed considered voice calls to be their customers’ top communication choice. A further, 87% of SMEs agreed that voice calls and human to human connection were important to the customer experience their business provides, with half (51%) saying they are ‘very important’ to this service.

This mirrors consumers’ expectations and desires when it comes to customer service. Over a third of Brits state that direct phone calls are their preferred means of communication with businesses and over 90% consider it important to be able to easily call a business customer service line. SME leaders are once again in step with consumers in this respect, as 87% consider it important to be able to call a business customer service line easily.

Recognising the value of human touchpoints in customer service, SMEs believe exceptional customer service through human to human voice calls can fuel business expansion. 84% of SME leaders surveyed agreed that superior customer experience over the phone is likely to support the growth of their business.

The research also reveals the significant impact human to human voice calls on customer loyalty. 80% of consumers say they’d stay with a business offering excellent customer service over the phone. SMEs align with this consumer sentiment, as 87% believe that customers are likely to choose a business that has a business phone line and voice services to call, with good connectivity, over one that doesn’t.

And it’s not just customer loyalty that human to human voice calls help cultivate, they also drive operational efficiency. 43% of SMEs value faster internal communication that thrives on voice calls, while 39% of SME leaders state phone calls aid communication with suppliers, underlining their efficiency and clarity for collaboration both internally and externally.

Chris Wade, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Gamma Communications, commented,

“While digital channels provide convenience, our research sheds light on the enduring value of voice. For many customers, human interaction remains the most important for a great customer experience and clear communication.

It’s evident that businesses that prioritise excellent human to human customer experiences stand to win over loyal customers and gain a competitive edge.”




Gamma Communications plc is a leading supplier of Communication Services in the UK, German, Spanish and Dutch business markets. It is admitted to trading on AIM and employs over 1,800 people. With a range of UCaaS, Mobile and Connectivity services, Gamma provides robust and secure solutions that enable organisations to communicate, collaborate and offer a better customer experience.

Gamma’s largest market is in the UK where the company’s network-based services are supplied to SME, Public Sector and Enterprise markets through a network of 1000+ channel partners and its own direct sales and support capabilities. Gamma is expanding its UCaaS presence in Europe with a family of businesses focusing on digital automation, delivering Gamma-powered services to SME customers via a network of channel partners in Germany, Spain, and the Benelux region.
Gamma’s vision is for a better-connected world in which we can work smarter for the benefit of business, people, and the planet by developing a strong and sustainable pan-European product set, building a leading position in the UCaaS and CCaaS markets.

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Methodology: The business research with SME leaders, commissioned by Gamma Communications with 3Gem, was undertaken in January 2024 with a sample of 500 SME leaders, balanced across a range of UK sectors to ensure valid representation.

The consumer research, commissioned by Gamma Communications with 3Gem, was undertaken in October 2023 with a sample of 2,000 adults, balanced across all 12 UK Government regions to ensure valid representation.

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