6 Outsourcing Trends to watch out for in 2016

6 Outsourcing Trends to watch out for in 2016; a perspective from Global Remote Services (GRS)

Global contact centre outsourcing experts, Global Remote Services (GRS) have highlighted the top 6 outsourcing trends that will be strategic to customer relationships for most businesses this year.

grs.paolo.marcattilj.image.oct.2015“From GRS’s perspective these are the top outsourcing trends that will shape customer experience and helpbrands gain competitive advantage through 2016 and beyond. The first three trends affect customer relationships and re-thinking current contact centre business models. The second three address growing trends we are seeing and the real issue of security” says Paolo Marcattilj, UK Director and Shareholder of GRS.

“In essence this year looks likely to bring a whole range of new trends and technologies that will allow businesses to compete and differentiate their unique service offering. Outsourcers will be able to transform the way they engage and maintain their customer relationships.”

The top 6 contact centre outsourcing trends are:

1) Outcomes will outweigh cost -as businesses closely focus on the outcome of their customer conversations rather than the cost of the transaction. GRS believe 2016 will see outcome based costing evolve as this trend continues.

2) Adoption of data driven cultures – data and analytics will play a key role in outsourcing strategies. Businesses will rely on better data and cost transparency to understand and maximise opportunities both in their management and operational processes

3) Nearshoring will continue to gain momentum in Eastern Europe -nearshoring is fast becoming an option which is seen as being more skill specific for businesses with a mixture of complex, high-end projects as they realise the value in keeping outsourced work close to where the business generally is. Nearshoring in Eastern Europe will continue to grow as it becomes attractive and competitive to the UK market, and also much ‘nearer-to-final-customer’ and ‘easier-to-manage’ versus far-shoring.

4) Impact of technology- technology such as cloud solutions and voice recognition will continue to drive new ways to outsource, new operational models and new services; all will provide improved value for end customers.

5) Focus on talent and language ability–outsourced contact centres will increasingly be required to have access to a ready supply of qualified people and a large talent pool to cover the increasing multilingual needs of clients. GRS predict a sustainable high performing outsourcing culture for 2016.

6) Prevention of data breaches – the threat has never been more real and businesses will now start to take this seriously and invest in the infrastructure required to prevent these.

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