VoiceSage Upgrades To The Big Data Level

Customer contact services leader software boosts its solution to better manage the large volumes of data its enterprise customers are demanding

big.data.image.july.2016Fast-growing proactive contact services leader VoiceSage has announced the latest improved version of its cloud-based voice and SMS messaging suite.

The new version of the solution from the Irish headquartered business services leader will help organisations across multiple sectors meet their customer communications challenges says the firm.

More and more, these challenges centre on brands using the company’s cloud-delivered customer and marketing programmes to exploit large volumes of customer data and deal with channel complexity.

The upgrade opens up the potential for multiple smart ways to connect with today’s digital customer and reflects significant investment from the service innovator.

voicesage.Steven.Roberston.image.may.2016Steven Robertson, Sales and Marketing Director at VoiceSage noted,

“We have implemented a large number of improvements to the core VoiceSage platform, the main theme of the new version is scalabilty.

“That means it will help our customers better meet the challenges of the modern B2C comms world, where large scale, complex customer data requirements are now the norm.”

Benefits for client and customer alike

Built for mobility, the VoiceSage service lets customers interact with brands using messages in the format most helpful to them.

That means they can be contacted and communicate back with their chosen retailer, financial services or utilities provider via voice, SMS (text), email and visual touch messaging in order to do anything from confirming a delivery to paying a bill.

It also empowers those brands to get useful insights into customer thinking via quick and easy feedback surveys, or through fully structured marketing campaigns.

“The omnichannel contact challenge is to meet channel complexity and huge volumes of customer data,” pointed out Robertson.

“Our new re-architected solution is continuously expandable, so will help bridge from where customers are to where they need to be when it comes to omnichannel innovation.

“We think our new suite is the essential messaging service to meet any enterprise’s omnichannel and Big Data demands.”

Additional Information

voicesage.logo.updated.2014Founded in 2003 and with offices in the UK and Ireland, VoiceSage delivers proactive customer service solutions that help companies streamline and add value to their high-volume, outbound contact activities. Blue chip customers for its solutions include Argos (Home Retail Group), Capital One, Thames Water, AXA Insurance and Shop Direct.

These and other customers rely on VoiceSage technology to help them transform credit collections, delivery and appointment confirmations, marketing campaigns and other high-volume business processes in immediate and cost-effective ways, lowering costs and improving their customer experiences.

VoiceSage’s cloud-delivered messaging platform sends 2 million-plus interactions a day and is used by businesses that touch more than 75% of the UK population: over 44 million individual phones in the UK have received a VoiceSage communication at some time.

For additional information on VoiceSage visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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