It’s all about the traffic

website.traffic.image.2014People who know me would know that I am passionate about the contact centre industry and passionate about the company that I play a part in.

Rarely do I publicise the fact that the website is out performing our wildest expectation since our re-launch…. Up until now that is!

On a regular basis I receive data from our hosting company detailing the traffic on the website, where it comes from, how long the visitors stays on the site and what pages they view.

Regular visitors to the website, (and we know who you are!) would have noted that we completely redesigned and updated the website back in August; whilst we had high expectations on the increases in traffic nobody, even our hosting company, could have foreseen the dramatic increase which we have experienced.

As we only write and report on the UK contact centre industry we use Google to promote the website on their news feeds using the geographical area of UK ONLY. Whilst it would be easily to change the geographical area to ‘Worldwide’, and therefore attract more visitors, we work on the basis that should you, for example, be a contact centre manager in Eastern Europe would you really be interested in the fact that Sitel are opening a 600 seat contact centre in Coventry next year? Probably not. In any case our valued clients and Sponsors wouldn’t thank us for supplying them with enquires from outside of the UK especially as in most cases they would have overseas representation.

* data correct as at 29th October 2014

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor
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