I did tell you that the UK contact centre Industry is buzzing?

I guess that one of my many functions as Editor of the leading UK contact centre website is to promote the industry at every opportunity which I believe that I do; Promoting the fact, for example, that at the moment the industry is ‘buzzing’.

Today two outsource heavyweights, namely, Southend-On-Sea based Ventrica headed up by Dino Forte and, Sheffield Based Voice Group headed up by James Hinchliffe, both announced the creation of additional jobs at their respective contact centres totaling 280 agent positions.

280 Agent positions – Just take a moment to imagine what 280 agents means to our industry or even UK Plc.

In terms of the value to our industry it represents on one hand an additional 280 headset requirement for Jabra (!) – also represents a training and recruitment agency requirement if not handled internally.

In terms of UK Plc it represents, in some cases, individuals getting into full time employment and onto the career ladder – paying tax and NI and subsequently spending their hard earned salary on products and services which has to be good for the UK economy.

So all in all we salute both Ventrica and Voice for their significant announcements today which confirms nicely what I have been saying for a long time ‘the UK contact centre is buzzing!

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor
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