Teleperformance UK awards CTI contract to Infinity CCS

infinity.ccs.logoInfinity CCS has announced the signing of a multi-year contract with Teleperformance UK for the maintenance and supply of its Avaya CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) platform.

Following a lengthy review covering the technology infrastructure which supports its 14 UK sites, Teleperformance UK appointed Vodafone to maintain its Avaya telephony platform and Infinity CCS for CTI.

James Timms, CTO of Teleperformance UK, said, “Infinity CCS has been a trusted partner for many years. As a contact centre technology specialist they provide the high level of technical expertise we require to help us meet our ambitious growth targets in the years to come. This combined with cost savings and the excellent level of support and responsiveness they have always given us made them the best choice.”

Teleperformance UK already uses Infinity CCS’s contact management software, and the new contract adds the maintenance of the systems used to deliver screen-pop, multi-channel contacts and predictive dialling facilities to over 2,000 seats across all Teleperformance UK’s sites and its offshore operation in South Africa.

A major goal of Teleperformance UK – which aims to grow by 19% in 2013 – is to improve customer experience and deliver efficiencies for its clients by consolidating telephony and CTI applications for all its sites in one data centre.

As Matt Sims, EVP Business Development for Teleperformance UK, explains,

This will enable our agents to provide a better experience for our clients’ customers, as all media – calls, emails, SMS, chat – can be managed in one queue. It means contacts can be handled seamlessly across multiple channels, with agents having immediate access to customer information via screen pops.”

Infinity CCS, which operates from offices in Birmingham, was founded in 1998 to provide technology services and software specifically tailored to the needs of contact centre operators and outsourcers. It provides contact management, unified desktop and scripting software, quality assurance software, predictive dialling software and telephony services to clients in the UK and Europe, including Teleperformance UK, Teleperformance Italy, HGS, Unilever and the Irwin Mitchell Group.

infinity_carl_adkins_imageCarl Adkins, Founder of Infinity CCS, said,

“We are delighted to further develop our relationship with Teleperformance UK and thank them for trusting us with the management of this important aspect of their operation. Technology is a huge driver for improving customer experience. I think the fact that, as specialists for the contact centre industry, we understand exactly what Teleperformance UK is trying to achieve is one of the main reasons they appointed us.”

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