Sytel Launches Global Compliance to Protect Contact Centres

Sytel Launches Global Compliance to Protect Consumers and Contact Centres

Sytel have announced the  launch of  Global Compliance, available immediately, enabling contact centres to manage consumer opt-outs and other no-contact rules across phone, email, SMS and all other media types.

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel, said,

“We have always fought for the right of the consumer to decide if, how and when they want to engage with contact centres”,

“This product gives them all the protection and assurances they need. It also brings peace of mind to contact centres, by allowing them to ensure that all their outbound business is geared to the needs and wishes of consumers, as well as being legitimate”, said McKinlay.

Global Compliance ensures compliance with do-not-contact requirements from all sources:

  • Customer driven

When any contact, e.g. voice, email, chat or SMS is launched, the Global Compliance engine will check in real-time whether the customer has asked not to be contacted in this way.  Similarly, in any live session, if the customer then asks not to be contacted in this way again, the compliance database is immediately updated.

  • Do-Not-Call List driven

Sytel works with internal and external DNC lists at the point of launch to decide whether an outgoing session to a customer is permissible.  And the use of sharding techniques allow it to work in real-time with all DNC lists, even if they run into hundreds of millions of contacts.

  • Rules set by authorities

As well as consumers expressing their own preferences for contact, in many countries, state, government and other authorities specify rules, restricting contact, for example hours during day, or frequency.  All such rules can be implemented and are updated in real-time.

“Often the same customer will be targeted by multiple outreach programs across several contact centres,” McKinlay added. “The Global Compliance engine carefully manages all contact attempts and retries as if from a single source.”

Fabio Santana, IT Superintendent at Flex BPO in Brazil, commented

“The depth and reach of Sytel Global Compliance across all media types, and the fact that updates and compliance can both be done in real-time, is exactly what we need to manage our customer contacts responsibly and with assurance.

Sytel have set a gold standard for others to follow.”




For additional information on the Gobal Alliance Click Here

Sytel is an industry leader in state-of-the-art, cloud-based contact centre and telecommunications technology.

Our products include inbound and outbound switching, agent desktop scripting, media processing, voice recording, data management, reporting and integration services.

This suite of components can be delivered as an integrated solution, or instead, partners can easily integrate individual components with their own architecture.

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