RevolutionCloud Revolutionises How Contact Centres Use technology

RevolutionCloud revolutionises how contact centres acquire and use technology

svl cloud-hosting.oct 2017SVL Business Solutions, the UK’s most experienced provider of multimedia interaction recording and advanced contact centre applications, has launched RevolutionCloud, a new Contact-Centre-as-a-Service solution. This game-changing hosting platform eliminates the limitations of other systems by offering a flexible choice of applications from some of the world’s leading technology vendors that deliver the same high level of functionality as premise-based solutions.

According to SVL Business Solutions: “RevolutionCloud offers unparalleled flexibility by enabling organisations to select the services they need when they need them. Whether it is a single application or a full blown contact centre, the service can be scaled up or down without the need for capital expenditure. It provides users with guaranteed superior quality of service and uptime, strict SLAs and the best in enterprise-level technology without having to compromise their operational requirements.”

RevolutionCloud offers a flexible alternative to on-premise telephony and provides access to a full hosted suite of WFO applications including interaction recording, quality management, analytics and workforce management. Using best of breed technologies from some of the world’s leading vendors including Mitel, Liquid Voice and Teleopti, it is a more cost effective way to acquire and use stand-alone contact centre applications – regardless of the brand of call recording equipment currently used.

SVL RevolutionCloud sits on the TheCloud’s 4th Generation RevolutionCloud Platform. TheCloud is the market-leading wholesale channel provider of ultra-resilient, flexible and scalable cloud IT solutions. Hosted across four London data centres and an off-grid remote DR centre, this multi-level cloud platform is wholly owned and operated by a single party from the ISP layer through to applications and storage, ensuring total security, control and resilience. Every layer of the platform has been designed with these factors in mind, allowing the company to offer its services with a 100% commercial uptime guarantee.

Daniel-Crespi-TheCloudAccording to Daniel Crespi, Managing Director of TheCloud:

“SVL Business Solutions is an obvious partner for TheCloud and the combination of our product set with their exceptional experience and reputation in recording and advanced contact centre applications is a ‘no brainer’ for us.

We are incredibly excited by this partnership and are expecting great things to come.”

svl.logo_.jan_.2017-1Additional Information

To learn more about RevolutionCloud find out more Cick Here

For additional information on SVL Business Solutions visit their Website or view their Company Profile

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