SJS Solutions launches Optymyse

SJS Solutions have launched their latest suite of audio visual communication solutions Optymyse™ 4.1 specifically aimed at improving customer engagement and customer loyalty while adding multi-platform capabilities. since SJS Solutions, a leading global supplier of Contact Centre Optimisation Software, launched their multi-media visual communications solution Optymyse™ 4.0 at the ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida in November 2012, a great deal of hard work has gone into developing the recently launched update, Optymyse™ 4.1. With the new version it is even easier to create engaging, professional screen designs for agent communication with the added capability that these can be displayed across three platforms: flat screen TV, mobile, and agent desktops, thus providing a new level of brand consistency.

Optymyse™ is a highly flexible solution which is compatible with Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel and Unify (formerly Siemens) contact centre products. While the focus of Optymyse™ 4.0 was the creation of an environment that enabled and encouraged help centre agents to fully engage with clients, Optymyse™ 4.1 takes this to the next level. In the improved version it is even easier for Customer Engagement and Contact Centre Managers to create engaging, professional screen designs which can be used to display key metrics, business intelligence, messaging and other data from a variety of sources for display across all three platforms. Pace, CEO of SJS Solutions said

SJS has long recognised the importance of internal brand awareness; we are the only company in the sector to do so. We have now made it possible for customers to create consistent branding through mobile, agent desktops and flat screen TVs. With Optymyse™ 4.1 users are able to create branded backgrounds and logo’s which meet even the most exacting corporate identity colour schemes.”

Not only does Optymyse™ 4.1 give customers total control over how they communicate with their agents, both in the CEC and when working remotely, considerable improvements have also been made to the way customers are able to design screens. The new Admin Console functions as a screen designer for all three platforms and it is now much easier to build bespoke screen designs. While Optymyse™ 4.0 provided a flexible solution, it was necessary to carry out some tasks several times thus reducing its efficiency. With Optymyse™ 4.1 the duplication of designs and elements save a great deal of time and encourages the creation of new designs.

Adrian Vickers, Head of Technology explained “The main goal was to make it quicker and easier for our customers to build the screen designs they wanted. Optymyse™ 4 gave them all the flexibility they needed, but some of the tasks had to be completed multiple times, and that wasn’t efficient.

Version 4.1 allows far more duplication of designs and elements, plus the complete drag-and-drop menu has been completely revamped with new icons and far less key strokes. Now users can duplicate single elements, complete screen designs and grab the content, be it a video or an image, in less time”

The launch of Optymyse™ 4.1 has proven timely. With companies spending ever more money on agent training and their environment, SJS Solutions’ suite of visual communications solutions with its focus on flexibility, user friendliness, and consistent cross-platform branding could not have come at a better time.

Mr Pace added “For companies that want to create an engaging, professional environment in which their agents can thrive and that want to be able to drive improvements in First Call Resolution (FCR), Optymyse™ is perfect.

Version 4.1 has taken a great deal of work and required a lot of customer research. We are all very proud of the product and look forward to helping companies create Customer Engagement Centres of the future”

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