Sensée Creates Powerhouse in Outourcing with Purchase of The Contact Company

Sensée creates a powerhouse in UK-based CX Outsourcing with purchase of the business of The Contact Company

Sensée have announced that it has purchased the business of The Contact Company, a renowned customer service centre based in Birkenhead, Liverpool. This strategic move forms a new UK-based CX Outsourcing Group, combining the expertise of both companies and creating a dynamic team of over 2,000 employees with 35 combined years of outsourcing experience.

The two companies will continue to trade as Sensée and The Contact Company (TCC) respectively within the Sensée group of companies. Steve Mosser will remain in the role of Sensée Group CEO and Asif Hamid MBE, Founder and CEO of TCC, will be CEO of TCC.

Operations at both companies will carry on seamlessly following the acquisition. TCC will continue to operate from its Birkenhead headquarters and Sensée from its headquarters in London.

Steve Mosser, CEO of Sensee, commented,

“We’re thrilled to welcome The Contact Company, its clients and its talented people into the Sensée family”

“By bringing together two award-winning businesses we are combining our collective years of expertise in delivering exceptional customer experiences for renowned brands. Both companies share a common commitment to corporate social responsibility delivering value to clients, customers and colleagues whilst prioritising sustainability for communities and our planet.

“This acquisition allows Sensée to offer exciting new advantages to TCC and its clients. With our unique talent, elasticity, scalability and productivity we will enhance customer experiences and deliver even greater value. In turn, Sensée will benefit from TCC’s extensive experience in the retail and public sectors and their expertise in running highly efficient office-based services. Our portfolio of clients in the Financial Services industry will also benefit from the extended ability to support a broader range of FCA-regulated services that require a physical office location.

“We firmly believe that this combined proposition perfectly addresses the needs of organisations seeking a UK or international outsource partner that excels in quality, scalability, flexibility and can operate on either a WFH, hybrid or fixed office setup.”

Asif Hamid MBE, The  Contact Company, said,

“This is fantastic news for TCC, its clients and our dedicated team”

“Sensée has earned a reputation as the premier CX outsourcer in the UK with its unparalleled WFH technology platform that connects the best talent to the best brands. We are proud to join the Sensée family and look forward to an exciting future together.”




Sensée has been creating, managing and optimising work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid working contact centre operations in the UK since 2004. Through a mix of a unique 100% @home talent-on-tap outsourcing proposition and Cloudworks, our purpose-built hybrid working SaaS ecosystem, we help leading brands deliver brilliant customer outcomes.

Sensée’s UK-wide recruitment reach means we can get the best talent for businesses whilst creating accessible careers for people anywhere, and sustainability for our planet and communities.

In February 2024, Sensée purchased the business of The Contact Company, a renowned customer service centre based in Birkenhead, Liverpool, creating a new UK-based CX Outsourcing Group with over 2,000 employees and 35 combined years of outsourcing experience.

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