Rostrvm Solutions appoints Lee Ward Lee Ward has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Business Development Manager.

Lee has been involved in the contact centre industry for 20 years and we asked him why he chose to work at Rostrvm and what customers can expect.

What sets Rostrvm Solutions apart would you say?

For me, it’s because they are continually researching and developing new products that address the contact centre’s need to evolve. I’ve got a real interest in technology and especially anything ‘cutting edge’ and Rostrvm are always looking at developing future technologies within their platform. Not only do they know a huge amount about the marketplace but they retain that enthusiasm and passion that only people who love their subject can possess. That’s why their after-sales support is so good – they’re truly interested in ensuring their products perform for their customers.

Rostrvm literally know their business and the marketplace ‘inside out’ and this gives us a great advantage because it allows us to be flexible in what we offer. We can go into businesses, listen to what customers have to say and configure exactly the right product to fit, rather than ‘shoe horning’ the same product at everyone. That way, contact centres get a future-proof system that maximises their productivity. Rostrvm get a lot of referrals because customers are seeing good returns on their investments.

What sort of issues are contact centres asking Rostrvm about?

How they can improve functionality without spending a fortune is a key concern these days but we can structure a commercial deal that suits the needs of individual businesses and, as I said, the results of their investment make the cost worth it.

These days, where the contact centre has evolved from being purely about dealing with transactions to handling a wide range of activities via multiple mediums, ‘the sky’s the limit’ – so the main challenge we help with is ensuring our customers invest in the right solutions for them. No customer is the same so our products reflect that in their flexibility. They might be wanting to queue Twitter and Facebook with phone calls, with the ability to monitor and report back so that the organisation can make changes when needed. Or it might be, say, switching to Precision Dialling, to maximise the number of value connections made on a dialler campaign. There are so many different possibilities and it’s important to get it right from the outset to optimise results, that’s why Rostrvm like to consult with customers as early in their planning as possible.

Another major issue we see where Rostrvm can help is when a business has ended up with too many different systems and applications, which slow staff down and cost much more in the long run. We will look at existing systems in the business and provide a solution which integrates and streamlines everything. This enables staff to do what they’re supposed to be doing, rather than spend their time navigating complex desktop set-ups and flicking through too many different pages to get to what they need. It’s amazing how much time we can save customers by sorting this common problem out.

I’m looking forward to being part of Rostrvm and working with our customers; it’s a great time for innovation and that’s what Rostrvm is all about. Some of Rostrvm’s customers are resellers and we’re now also working with them to introduce contact centre software into new areas, so it’s a very exciting time.”

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